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    MisterCram reacted to DarthDude in Keyforge   
    To spill some info, I start with Species Creation, I absolutely love that part of the book which is subjected in 20 pages.
    I try to be somewhat vague to prevent the post being removed. You start with 110 XP and go through a couple of tables with choices about the appearance and racial benefits/disadvantages. You can either customize your species or generate it randomly, which sounds like fun as well. On each table depending on your choice you add or subtract XP from your starting 110 XP (in case you customize, doesn't apply to random generation). You are allowed to go as low as 65 XP in this process.
    1. You start with the form, which is rather cosmetic, like Bodiless, Humanoid, amorphous, etc. You do not spend/receive XP on this.
    2. Next you choose the physiology, with choices like Floral, Gaseous, Insectoid, etc, they all come with mechanical impact on the species. For instance, incorporeal increases the difficulty od Brawn and Agility checks by 2, but also grants Willwpoer in addition to Brawn to Soak. And you can pass through solid material as long as your move does not end inside them. This may cost XP.
    3. Silhoutte with ranges from 0 to 3 with an impact on woulnd threshholds and encumberance. This may cost XP.
    4. Locomotion method, Ambulation, Flight, Rolling etc. Rolling for instance grants a free second maneuver without strain cost, as long as this maneuver is a move. This may cost XP.
    5. Manipulation method, like Mental, Hands, Tentacles, etc.  Tentacles, for instance, grant the ensnare 1 item quality on brawl/melee attacks. This may cost XP.
    6. Dominant sense, like Thelepathy, Thermal, Visual, etc. For instance, themal deducts one black die due to darkness, smoke, etc. but adds one if the surrounding temperature is exceptionally high or low. This may cost XP.
    7. Species features, well this is the longest table in the creation process (up to two features). It goes from Amphibuous, Digger to Luminescent, fast metabolism, fiery aura and the likes. It's a kind of general store of abilities which doesn't fit into the previous tables. Fiery aura grants a fire source rating 3 as in p. 111 of the CRB. This may cost XP.
    8. Culture, like Spiritual, Competetive, Warlike, etc. For instance, competetive grants +1 to Cunning. This may cost XP.
    9. Tech level, like Sophisticarted, Advanced, etc. which does not cost XP but basically grants you a rank in one skill (you can choose from 2). For instance, advance grants 1 rank in either charm or streetwise.
    10. Starting experience, ranged from 70 to 100 XP, which is though only valid if you generated the species randomly.
    11. The final table lists the Aspect of the creature, like Elegant, Begnin, Friendly, Nightmarish. This does not cost XP and is rather descriptive for narrative purposes.
    Overall, this species creation method covers a lot aspects, I love it.
    I gave the random generation a shot and this is what I came up with:
    1. Humanoid
    2. Mineral (+1 Brawn, -1 Agility)
    3. Silhouette 1
    4. Locomotion method: Ambulation (walking)
    5. Manipulation Method: Pincers (1 setback die when fine manipulation is required but item quality vicious 1 on unarmed attacks)
    6. Dominant sense: Auditory (hearing or echolocation, no setback die in darkness, etc but 1 setback die if in environment hampering soundwaves)
    7. Species feature (I chose to roll 2): tireless (does not need to rest and does not get setback dice from exhaustion); desert dwelle (adapted to arid/hot environments, removes 1 setback die in such environments)
    8. Culture: Scholary (+1 to intellect)
    9. Tech level: advanced 1 rank in charm or streetwise
    10. Starting XP: 90
    11. Aspect: Monstrous
    Meet the new species Crystal Cleaver:
    Species Abilities:
    Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
        3           1            3              2               2                2
    Starting wound Threshhold: 10 + Brawn
    Starting strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower
    Starting Experience: 90 XP
    Starting Sklill: 1 rank in Charm
    Tireless:  does not need to rest and does not get setback dice from exhaustion
    Desert Dweller: adapted to arid/hot environments, removes 1 setback die in such environments
    Auditory: hearing or echolation, no setback die in darkness, etc but 1 setback die if in environment hampering soundwaves
    Pincers (1 setback die when fine manipulation is required but item quality vicious 1 on unarmed attacks)
    Vaguely looking like unshaply eyeless humanoids, composed of minerals in colors repulsive to most other species sights, these scholarly and resilient creatures radiate a serene charm nonetheless. Blind by nature, they perceive their surroundings by echolocation, emitting sound produced by vibrations not audible by most other creatures. Usually peaceful, these highly intelligent creatures can deal a nasty sting with its pincers if cornered. Living in an advanced society on the desert planet of Tootaine, this species of academics strives to gather new knowledge.
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    MisterCram reacted to emsquared in Best Practices? - Veteran Genesys GM, Creating A New Setting   
    As someone who started fiddling around with, like, half a dozen settings after the core first came out, and then stopped because there was just too much to do (and has since started fiddling again): I would recommend using as much of the material that is out there (both official and community) as is possible.
    Don't recreate Archetypes/Species if you don't absolutely HAVE to. Don't create a bunch of new Skills if you don't absolutely HAVE to. Definitely don't start creating a bunch of Talents.
    Gear (weapons, armor, and general equipment), IMO, is the worst (requires the most work) of it all, but is potentially where you will need to spend the most time. Or at least I do, as I rarely find myself liking the things that are out there.
    Basically: there are A LOT of materials out there now. Save yourself a lot of time and effort and use whatever is available to you that you can.
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    MisterCram reacted to DarthDude in Keyforge   
    Was able to order it in my neighbouring country Denmark. It is expected to arrive tomorrow. 😊
    Beats me how scandinavia managed to have it in stock at this time, when no one else has. 😁
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    MisterCram reacted to mouthymerc in Magic & Genesys   
    Aren't the guidelines already in the core book?
    As to expanding magic it does that. Adding two new casting skills, magic based talents, implement materials, and a whole new magic system. 
    Again I ask why the list of spells? Is it difficult to cast spells without them. Or do you feel it is a lack of flavour?
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    MisterCram reacted to Richardbuxton in Magic & Genesys   
    And some others:
    Fireball (choose one target at short or medium range and make a Hard (DDD) Arcana check; if successful, this magic attack inflicts 8 damage +1 damage per Success, with the Blast 4 and Burn 4 qualities).
    Magic Shield (make a Hard [DDD] Arcana check; if successful, until the end of the wizard’s next turn, reduce the damage of all hits against them by one, plus one for every 2 Success, and the wizard gains +3 defense. The wizard can maintain these effects with the concentrate maneuver).
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    MisterCram reacted to Richardbuxton in Magic & Genesys   
    Here’s an example 
    Tremor (the Dimora chooses one target at short range and makes an Average (DD) Arcana check. If the check is suc- cessful, this magic attack inflicts 7 damage, +1 damage per Success and the target and all characters engaged with the target are knocked prone. The Dimora can spend A on the check to move the target up to one range band in any direction).
    Prison of Stone (the Dimora chooses one target at short range and makes an Average (DD) Arcana check. If the check is successful, this magic attack inflicts 7 damage, +1 damage per Success, with the Blast 3 and Ensnare 3 qualities).
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    MisterCram reacted to Richardbuxton in Magic & Genesys   
    I must suggest everyone checks out the NPC’s in chapter 3 of RoT, all the spell casting characters have a list of the spells they most often use. It’s a great collection of example spells which are almost all made using the standard spell lists
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    MisterCram reacted to emsquared in Pierce Tweek   
    Meh, it's a mechanic.
    If it creates interesting gameplay, which as I've described: it can, I don't get too bent out of shape about what label had been slapped on it.
    Same conversation has been had about Defense, and probably half a dozen other mechanics.
    Is the additional book-keeping (splitting out lowercase-a armor-Soak, from Brawn-Soak), and the additional mechanical consideration (OK, I have Pierce 2 but only 1 Soak from armor) worth it? Not for me, I've already figured out how to create the gameplay it was designed for, and haven't found a need for more. YMMV of course.
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    MisterCram reacted to BrickSteelhead in Question on corruptive sorcery...   
    Yeah, m8, sounds like you want to play Warhammer 3e:
    - Narrative, open system like Genesys. (It's Genesys's grandparent, after all)
    - Easy to drop or reflavor divine casting.
    - Corruption and miscasting, both in card form and random tables.
    - Underappreciated/underloved and really simple for Genesys players to grasp (speaking from experience).
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    MisterCram reacted to Swordbreaker in Question on corruptive sorcery...   
    It seems to me that's how the magic system already works in Genesys. Just remember to follow the table on page 211 closely when resolving magic checks and you should be fine. Maybe borrow the Low Magic rules found in the EPG (page 22).
    Everything else should be dependent on your setting.
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    MisterCram reacted to dipicacyx in A rather derivative fantasy-with-technology setting - Into the Depths   
    It's nothing original, but I thought I would share what I've done anyway. This is my first Genesys campaign and I thought it would be fun to do something homebrew. During our session zero it came out that my players enjoyed Final Fantasy and Diablo, so I got the idea of dungeon delving with magical technology. A lot of the content for species and careers is from Realms of Terrinoth, with a few reflavouring options. For example, I only have two magic skills - Esper, which is about using the energy from the planet and living creatures, and Arcanics, which is more logical and about manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe.
    I've put all the credits at the bottom, but I was influenced by one of the Final Fantasy settings here, and the Elder Scrolls games, plus a few pieces from the Edge of Tamriel setting here and a new species from D&D's Temple of Elemental Evil Player's Companion.
    Basically, a long time ago there was a great dwarf empire across the three continents that was winning all the wars thanks to their superior magic-infused technology. Many remaining kingdoms and duchies banded together to fight them, but one day all of the dwarves disappeared (*cough* Morrowind *cough*). In the ensuing centuries, the old alliances have splintered into the original realms, all fighting each other often. The old dwarf ruins are still full of magical treasure and guarded, so the players are a part of a sort of treasure hunting guild to get stuff.
    That's about all I've developed so far. There's a bit of padding in the document but a lot is just me making up names that I might turn into adventures later.
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    MisterCram reacted to dipicacyx in Genesys Adversaries Site   
    A long time ago I was pointed to the amazing resource of Star Wars: Adversaries (http://swa.stoogoff.com/#0-0-0) by @SkyJedi and others. I thought it would be really cool to have a Genesys version - a utopic open-source catalogue of Genesys adversaries, nice to use and all stored in a nice (JSON) format that could be used in other cases.
    After some help from Stoogoff with Windows hosting issues, and @drainsmith for a text dump of all of the official adversaries, and a lot of manual copy-pasting, I've finally finished the first iteration.
    Big thanks to @Direach, too, for letting me use the stats from the fantastic Creature Catalogue to fill the site. All the code and stats are open-source, available on Github. If you want to add any adversaries, you can either do it yourself by following the format in the src\media\data\adversaries folder and creating a pull request, or sending me the JSON file, or just asking nicely and I might add something.
    You can filter by name, tags (I've started with the adversary power levels, the setting, homebrew vs. official, and a few misc categories like "Undead") and Source (GCRB, EPG, etc). You can keep track of wounds, add more tabs for other adversaries (down the bottom of the page), use the links on weapon qualities to look them up, even create your own adversary on the site. Again, I did none of the actual coding - just some data entry and slight layout tweaks (colours and Genesys symbols).
    There are a changes I made to the abilities as printed to better fit with generic ones, and I have some to-dos in the readme file in the Github repo. I hope people find it useful.
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    MisterCram reacted to DarthDude in Postponed Release Dates? - RELEASE THE PDFS!!!   
    Under the present circumstances, it would be forthcomming to the customers to release the pdfs early. To many, hobbies like RPGs provide much relief if you have to stay at home in quarantine.
    Regarding the piracy topic, yes even only-print products are scanned and spread incredibly fast in the "world wide web" (maybe due to experimental internet gas 😂) and there seems to be a high willingness to ruin the spines. Here the companies have to trust the "real" customers, that they support your products. Collectors of pirated copies without purchasing the products at a later time don't tend to be future customers really playing those games anyways. So to say you don't loose any money to those as it is highly unlikely that they would've purchased a legal copy anyways.
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    MisterCram reacted to Desslok in Dungeon Delving and Loot   
    A GM who doesn't listen to player chatter is leaving his most powerful tool back in the shed. I can't count the number of times I've been running something, they'll say something like "Man, I hope that X doesn't happen!" and X is a much better idea than what I had in mind. One quick course correction and we're off to the races!
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    MisterCram reacted to Eoen in Templar talent   
    It’s cool you could cast mass resurrection at the end of each party wipe.
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    MisterCram reacted to Justindoodler in Warhammer 3rd Ed Conversion   
    WFRP3e has some great innovations, such as the narrative dice, and range bands etc but is hideously expensive and extemely fiddly and cumbersome to play. There is a reason Edge of the Empire and Geneysys evolved, ditching the boardgame elements, but keeping the best narrative bits.  Using your analogy, WFRP3e is like ordering the worlds most expensive pizza, which takes up your entire dinning room table, and has multiple  dips and sides. Using Genesys takes a few choice slices and dips which are delicious but dont bloat the gm or the players!
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    MisterCram reacted to drainsmith in EPG Specialization Tree Document   
    @GroggyGolem I agree. I hate them. However, I am but a humble man of the people and will live only to serve the needs of the community.
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    MisterCram reacted to Tramp Graphics in Pyrokinesis: home brew help   
    Maybe, but one of the things explicitly covered by the Developers within the rules themselves is that if an ability you want to use is already covered by an existing Force power, Learn that Force power. This is explicitly covered in Unlimited Power, in the Expanded Force Powers chapter starting on page 86; specfically, it's covered in the section titled Freeform Force Use and Existing Force Powers. on page 90. To quote:
    Likewise, earlier in the chapter, there's the section on Individualizing Force Powers, on page 88, which says, 
    Pyrokenesis fits squarely as an individualization of Unleash, and, as such, would use that Power. 
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    MisterCram reacted to Absol197 in Force power: Misdirect   
    Keep in mind the wording if Misdirect says that the target cannot PERCEIVE the subject, not simply that they can't see them. That means the ensorcelled target cannot hear, see, smell, or anything the person who has been vanished. I would throw 5 Setbacks against trying to attack someone so totally imperceptible, but that's just me.
    Also, I would disagree about a drawn weapon being perceivable and a holstered one being not. That screams "D&D Magic" much more than "Force Powers" to me.
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    MisterCram reacted to verdantsf in Bioroids: Combat Skills - Hurting Humans   
    Oye beltalowda!
    The novels have 2 bioroid detectives, Floyd and Drake, who routinely use synap pistols to apprehend criminals, so inflicting strain is definitely okay 🤖.
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    MisterCram reacted to HappyDaze in Bioroids: Combat Skills - Hurting Humans   
    I disagree. Players should make their concepts fit the setting. Playing a violent bioroid that is somehow accepted is fighting the Android setting just as is playing a fireball-slinging wizard in a WWII setting.
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    MisterCram reacted to slope123 in Is this a good book to get?   
    Independence for Loonies!
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    MisterCram reacted to TheLonelySandPerson in Clone stats...   
    I think you're underestimating being able to max out starting ranks in ANY two skills, regardless of career.
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    MisterCram reacted to WayneLigon in Why don't we start with Transportation?   
    For the common Joe in this setting, they don't own cars. It's  shift in perception. Owning a personal vehicle that cost half of what you make a year, and that you use for twenty minutes a day and the rest of the time it just sits on a big concrete lot or on a big concrete pad? Wasteful. Good lord, sometimes people built special houses for the **** things. Back when there were such things as suburbs. The fad of the personal vehicle passed away, decades ago.
    Robots and androids and automated factories can make a car in twenty minutes that costs virtually nothing when you factor in economies of scale. It's cheap and practical, and it drives itself off the factory floor and puts itself to work. Your common Joe orders a car when he needs one, contracts with it or its co-op for a period of time ("I need to do some shopping in town - I'll need a vehicle with this capacity for x amount of time, with three passengers") (Though why you'd ever /go out/ to go shopping might be a little weird instead of just ordering online and having drones deliver it). 
    Now your grey-market freelance troublemakers like many PC's - owning a private car might be useful at times, but it also puts you on the grid to a degree most might not want to consider. 
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    MisterCram reacted to HaphazardNinja in Open Carry in New Angeles   
    Here are a few guidelines thank have worked well in our game.
    Anything clearly on one's person that could reasonably be used for self-defense is okay in the plaza, which is the equivalent of walking the streets. The character may get some odd looks depending on the caliber or customization, but most won’t care. This also applies to heavier duty computer equipment that someone might suspect is for hacking. Heavy ranged weapons will likely get you a couple of questions from the local NAPD beat cops. A successful Charm, Deception, Bribe, or Small Favor will make them move along. Increase the difficulty based on how many are outfitted like this. Restricted items and things that are clearly explosive or hacking gear will attract the attention of the police. Get caught and they will be confiscated and earn you a trip to the nearest precinct for questioning. Using a skill check to weasel out of this should have a Challenge die, and some setback depending on what is actually said. Public transportation also applies to these guidelines. Most people on the train don’t want a fire fight or scrap in such closed quarters. Same goes for any cops that want to learn more about your hardware. Taxi drivers just want their money and have learned the questions lead to ditched fares. Private institutions and specific neighborhoods at and above plaza level have their own rules, but are usually more restrictive. The Undercity doesn’t care. However, any Disenfrancisto will tell not to head down at all unless you are strapped. Some gangs have their own rules regarding passage through their turf, but a reasonable social check will have them returned on the other side. However, they may be empty of ammo when returned.  Hope this was helpful.
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