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    MisterCram reacted to Emperor Norton in Droid Start EXP   
    I like the weird dichotomy of people razzing people for thinking the Droid might be too mechanically weak, while the general fretting and criticism of Jedi in the early iterations of Star Wars RPGs were they were too good mechanically on this board.
    Either mechanical strength matters or it doesn't. It can't be both ways.
    (I'm not even sure the Droid actually is weak, I suspect it might be to a degree, but haven't really tried hard to check, just a lot of noise over people wanting to play characters who aren't underpowered compared to their neighbor seems really rude.)
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    MisterCram reacted to drainsmith in EPB's new spells and Terrinoth's new skills   
    A while ago we did a poll in the Discord server and came up with this:

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    MisterCram reacted to ESP77 in Genesys Core Magic vs Spell Lists (aka. Vancian Spells)   
    Page 153 RoT. Greyhaven Wizard.  Burn and Blast. No Knockdown.
    My own desire to see “spell lists” has little to do with preservation or the re-creation of vancian magic.  I love the open free form style.  I would just like to see official examples of how to achieve a given result within the system.  RoT has many examples but 90% of them are attack spells.  The crb says you can use Augment to fly or turn invisible.  Awesome!  Can you show me an official example?  The list of add-ons for Augment sure doesn’t give me a hint.  Can I make it up? Sure can! But it’d still be nice to see ffg’s take on it.
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    MisterCram reacted to arMedBeta in Genesys Core Magic vs Spell Lists (aka. Vancian Spells)   
    I think this right here is one of the big reasons why FFG went the way they did with the magic system. The way described in the CRB for handling magic is consistent with their approach to handling firearms (and other ranged weapons). In the Tracking Ammo sidebar on p. 89 of the CRB , it shows that instead of counting ammunition, Despair can be used to cause a character's ammo to run out. Similarly in the table on p. 211 for spending threat and despair on magic skill checks, a single despair can be used to cause a magic user to "run out of ammo" preventing them from casting spells for the rest of the encounter. Spellcasters in Genesys don't have the luxury of bringing extra ammo though ?
    While this is the approach used in the CRB, there's nothing stopping you from counting bullets, or "wizard bullets." It just gets tricky when it comes to defining ammo capacity for a spellcaster and keeping things balanced.
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    MisterCram reacted to Dragonshadow in Genesys Core Magic vs Spell Lists (aka. Vancian Spells)   
    I'm really not sure how much toolbox there is for building Vancian magic in the CRB.  They gave us the blueprint for building (really extending) skills, races, etc.  but Magic is already an appendix in the CRB, and it's one interpretation of how magic should work, not a series of options.  I like the Genesys magic system, but it's not much of a template to broadly diversify to alternatives.
    Basically, if you want Vance, you're kind of on your own.  You can take the costing from the magic system and come up with relative difficulty levels, but there's no translation step to turn that into a...what?  Talent is the obvious choice.  Basically, what is a preconstructed spell in your campaign and how do you use XP to buy the ability to use it?  But factor into that also the fact that costs can't really be as expensive as they are for other talents, or else you're essentially penalizing casters by imposing far more XP costs than in the CRB.  You're making PC's buy their flexible list of spells as talents, plus ostensibly making them buy casting (and possibly knowledge) skills, while casters per the core rules only need to buy the latter, and then season their casting ability with some talents to make themselves better at some things.  The flexibility itself doesn't cost anything.  So Vance imposes some pretty harsh limits unless you want to create one trick pony casters.
    I get the urge to translate another system to Genesys.  The narrative dice system, while not for everybody, rocks like **** for those of us who really like it.  So you find another system and really WANT that system to have Genesys NDS at its heart.  I felt the same about Starfinder, and may actually get back to converting it at some point.  But the closer I got to addressing magic, the more excuses I found to avoid continuing to work on it.
    I like Genesys Magic, but having played only the Terrinoth playtest, I can't gauge how it works long term yet, and how resource management plays out for a caster across a variety of circumstances.  Conversely I don't like Vancian magic at all with it's garbage pre-memorization and 15 minute workdays, so porting Starfinder was more about porting the flavors of casters than any specific spells.
    Sorry for the ramble.  The best advice I've seen repeated on these forums regarding reskinning Genesys to emulate another system is to make it emulate the feel of the other system but not its mechanical specifics--stick to Genesys for that.  If you need the mechanics to port over intact, why not just stick to the other system?  I realize the question sounds more aggressive than I intend, but it's really a question you have to ask yourself repeatedly as you're converting, since you can't lose sight of the fact that the result needs to feel more like Genesys instead of the other system, or else you might have been better served extending the other system to be a little more like Genesys instead.
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    MisterCram got a reaction from IamGazrok in New Foundry Release - "The Unrelenting Uthuk" now on DTRPG   
    I heard this was amazing via the Forge podcast so time to dive in. 
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    MisterCram reacted to Swordbreaker in Keyforge - Poisonous Species Feature   
    Typically, if the book says they 'suffer wounds', it ignores soak. If the book says they take or suffer damage, it does not ignore soak.
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    MisterCram reacted to lbwoodard in Difficulty of the Heal Spell   
    To quote the next sentence: "When making the check, the character selects one target they are engaged with who is not incapacitated. The default difficulty of the check is Easy (D)." - GCRB pg. 217.
    My reading has always been that the Heal spell action defines the difficulty to heal Wounds. The additional effect "Heal Critical" allows you to heal a Critical Injury with a +2 increase in difficulty. So a Heal spell with no additional effects is an Easy (D) check, and Heal spell made to heal a crit is Hard (DDD).
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    MisterCram reacted to IamGazrok in Spellcasting in Terrinoth   
    By the rules, no. If a Utility spell should have an increased difficulty, then it ceases to be a utility spell, and would fall under the other types.
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    MisterCram reacted to Daeglan in Techno-Mage ideas   
    So now that I have seen the Crucible I think Aember Crafting fits Technomage stuff pretty well.  I think it would work for tattoos as well. 
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    MisterCram got a reaction from DarthDude in Folenn — A Fantasy Setting   
    How are you creating your NPC cards? I really like how clean yours looks. I've been making mine in OneNote initially to get stats down but now want to move them into a more presentable format. I'd like to eventually make my own "Monster Manual" and have been looking for an easy to use template. 
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    MisterCram reacted to Swordbreaker in Secrets of the Crucible Spoiler Thread   
    Finally got my copy today. Would be happy to answer some questions to the best of my ability. I'm not really familiar with the setting (is anyone?), so lore-related questions aren't my strong suit.
    Some first impressions:
    There are a lot of options for the build-your-own stuff. You can build your own species, weapons, armor, and Aeffects (which are kind of like magic/superpowers). These aren't done in 2-3 steps with a couple options for each step--there are over 30 traits for weapons alone, and a weapon can have up to 3 traits. I'm pretty much 100% convinced that the Æffects rules are the answer to the superheroes question. Lot of neat new (and old) talents. I can see most of them fitting right into a classic fantasy setting, though a really hard setting might not work with all of them. They incorporate an Æmber cost into some talents, though that could be removed relatively easily without much stress, I feel. And some of the names are hilarious, especially in English; my favorite is "Tickets to the Gun Show," which allows you to use Coercion with Brawn. Right below is a picture of a bunch of muscly space ogres flexing. I probably would not include the magic rules and the Æffects rules in the same game. They aren't really the same mechanically, but they are similar in function that having both may be a bit much.
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    MisterCram reacted to geki in Vampire the Masquerade Genesys Conversion   
    Just an update on where things stand. As we come to the close of a 18 months, and around 45 session, campaign, we have plans to completely revise the discipline structure, making into a heroic-ability like affair (to stabilize the progression and get rid of excessive checks). 
    While our focus will probably be on our other campaigns (a Terrinoth, a D&D conversion, and a steampunk one), a friend of mine and I are planning to work on this, so stay tuned.
    Quite honestly, I wish I had the writing stamina to write a VTM inspired setting, with completely different clans and without some of the burdensome stratified lore. This would free creative space rule wise (and make this shareable without copyright problems), but I feel this is beyond me right now, so we will keep the VampireTM basic structure in place.
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    MisterCram reacted to GM Hooly in [THE FORGE PODCAST]: EPISODE 18 - Talents Also Grow on Trees   
    Specialization Tree - Druid
    Eager to look at the Druid Specialization that GM Chris, GM Hooly, and Special Guest, Sam Gregor-Stewart, created live on Episode 18 of the Podcast entitled, "Talents Do Grow on Trees"? Then look no further that the link below.
    And remember the challenge Sam set for our listeners: Create Specialization Roles for a Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard.
    We'll highlight our favourites on a future episode of the podcast.
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    MisterCram reacted to Maelora in What roles are necessary in Edge?   
    I've always detested games that hardwire a 'role' into the concept. Yes, it was possible to play 4E with different characters, but the game tries to pigeonhole you into a 'leader/striker/defender/controller' role from the start, it was built in to the system.  It's an ugly concept that comes from things like MMOs and shouldn't have a place in RPGs.
    EoE doesn't really have that, as a GM can build a game around the players.  They chose to play a Pilot, Mechanic and a Fringer? They're telling you they want to spend a lot of time on a ship.  They chose a Trader, Politico and a Slicer? They're saying they don't want lots of combats.
    That said, there's already a good summation of this on p54 of the EoE rules.   It breaks down what each career is good at in an EoE game. 
    Personally, I especially dislike having a party 'Face', where one character specialises in diplomacy skills and when it's time to interact with NPCs, the rest of the party just stands around doing nothing, having dumped their Charisma stat. I punish this pretty hard personally.  I always get all the players involved in an interactive scene, so they'd best have some kind of diplomacy/negociate/coerce/leadership skill if they want to do well. The 'skill challenges' in 4E were actually a good concept, even if the execution and the maths were abysmal.  The idea was sound - get everyone involved rather than having PCs standing around doing nothing.      
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    MisterCram got a reaction from GM Hooly in [THE FORGE PODCAST]: EPISODE 18 - Talents Also Grow on Trees   
    Thanks, sir! I just kept rewinding and relistening to the episode until I finished making my own and I think it's right. I still look forward to the real deal though. 
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    MisterCram reacted to GM Hooly in [THE FORGE PODCAST]: EPISODE 18 - Talents Also Grow on Trees   
    Not blind. I realised that I can’t find an InDesign File of a blank tree so I’m having to create it from scratch. I’m not a wizz on InDesign so it might take me a couple more days.
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    MisterCram got a reaction from Armoks in [THE FORGE PODCAST]: EPISODE 18 - Talents Also Grow on Trees   
    Was there a plan to put up the Druid specialization tree the group created during the show somewhere? Or am I just blind and unable to find it on the forgegenesys site? 😣
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    MisterCram reacted to Simon Retold in Keyforge is shipping? Keyforge is shipping!   
    How long after a product moves to Shipping Now does it take before people who preordered get the message that theirs is going out?
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    MisterCram reacted to Joress in RPG Sessions App   
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Yeah, we've tried to keep characters and games theme specific. With the edits coming up, we may be addressing some of those issues to help with smoother game play.
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    MisterCram reacted to Swordbreaker in Does a Word Font for the dice and symbols exist   
    There is an EotE dice shape font that's floating around somewhere that I use as well, but I couldn't find it. Though I'm sure there are others that give you the three basic shapes you need.
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    MisterCram reacted to HedgeWizard in Folenn — A Fantasy Setting   
    I use something that makes zero sense, but it's been part of my design workflow for years.  I use Curio on OS X.  it's essentially a whiteboarding/brainstorming app for Mac. But it allows you to layer and create shapes, etc. I've been using it so long, I can quickly work these things up, rather that learn Photoshop or some specific art program. 
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    MisterCram reacted to Swordbreaker in Wall of Bones spell question   
    The answer to this question is that NPCs can have abilities that PCs can't normally have. In this case, this NPC has a spell that works somewhat differently than a normally cast spell.
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    MisterCram reacted to Cyvaris in Recovering Strain   
    The Strain system is really great and is a much better approximation of how books/movies usually handle spellcasting. Reading books set in D&D realms has always amused me because the authors bend over backwards to include the utterly asinine Vancian system. 
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    MisterCram got a reaction from DarthDude in Keyforge   
    Thanks so much for this, DarthDude. Now I really need to get my hands on this book!
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