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  1. Nice! I really look forward to these additions. I cannot wait to transplant my NPCs so I can use the game table more effectively as a GM. I am also happy to see the extra features for the character sheet, especially the remove setbacks.

    One issue I encountered last night, if I have my dice preference set to Genesys, my Star Wars character cannot use the dice roller correctly. Specifically, I am unable to add dice. I have to switch the dice preference to Star Wars in settings which then disables the Genesys character sheet from adding dice in a similar way. Is this working as intended because of the very slight difference in the dice sets (force die)?

    It would also be nice to have an option to add dice results directly in the die roller like how the game table allows you to.

    Thanks you for the wonderful game tools!

  2. How are you creating your NPC cards? I really like how clean yours looks. I've been making mine in OneNote initially to get stats down but now want to move them into a more presentable format. I'd like to eventually make my own "Monster Manual" and have been looking for an easy to use template. 

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