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  1. Figuring out how to fit Fanatical on Blackout might help.
  2. One wing or huge ship is just a recommendation for planned events. Though I think using wings and huge ships ensures that a 1000 point match flows more smoothly (less dials).
  3. The Epic Battles expansion has rules for wings (3+ ships flying in formation) and scenarios. The Huge Ships Conversion Kit and the huge ships (CR90 and C-ROC) have rules for huge ships. Rules (not scenarios) for both are posted on the FFG website for X-wing. There are no "standard" rules for games involving huge ships. Instead, the Epic Battles expansion scenarios are designed for large-scale games that might include huge ships. The points per team/player vary by scenario, and many scenarios have time-sensitive objectives that end the game before it becomes just a 1000 point death match to a grinding end.
  4. I plan on attending and playing in the System Open and side events. I have been to Origins before, but not for X-wing. Looking forward to meeting other players and playing lots of X-wing!
  5. ••Whisper Configuration Upgrade: Configuration Restriction: TIE/sf or TIE/ba only Action Bar: Lock 》Jam (red) and Jam 》Cloak (red)
  6. Intel Pickup has up to 4 players with 500 squad points each. That seems high... has anyone played it and were there too many ships on the map?
  7. Here is my current favorite XXX+ list that I fly last Saturday casual and went 2/3... Pammich and the T-70s (36) Pammich Nerro Goode [Resistance Transport] (2) R4 Astromech (6) Korr Sella (4) Larma D'Acy (3) Hull Upgrade Points: 51 (44) Red Squadron Expert [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 49 (44) Red Squadron Expert [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 49 (44) Red Squadron Expert [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 49 Total points: 198 Pammich is the best... Nodin is a trap, and I'm not interested in Cova+Leia right now.
  8. Suggestions for my current draft? I have 250 points to work with and want to include a wing of T-70s and one other ship. This list would be part of the defending team. March of the Resistance (51) Kare Kun [T-70 X-wing] (2) Veteran Wing Leader (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 58 (44) Red Squadron Expert [T-70 X-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 49 (44) Red Squadron Expert [T-70 X-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 49 (70) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (2) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 72 Total points: 228
  9. When will we know exactly what days the X-wing events are scheduled during Origins? Trying to arrange lodging and childcare in advance.
  10. I ran a Fog of War match with 400pt squadrons recently... it got very crowded with 7 players (supposed to have only 6). Here is the problem with FoG using points: too many ships! Using quick builds (as intended) would limit each player to about 4 - 6 ships total without any huge ships on the table. We had wings and huge ships, and it was very hard to find legal deployment locations for reserve ships. That meant nearly half my squad was on the bench most of the match. My advice: limit each player to 6 ships maximum, no huge ships. Maybe even reduce points to 300 per player. If you want huge ships, then maybe require that they start in reserve (the range 3 radius around a huge ship limits locations for reserves to deploy later.
  11. Was thinking about a list similar to this today, and it comes down to the striker... which pilot, which upgrades, and how to fly it? Vader and RAC are mostly flavor to taste I think (FCS for me instead of Passive Sensors). But the striker... I want to see how others respond here.
  12. I want to try this version out soon... Heroes of Yavin (80) Han Solo [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (7) Engine Upgrade Points: 87 (62) Luke Skywalker [T-65 X-wing] (2) R4 Astromech Points: 64 (41) Norra Wexley [BTL-A4 Y-wing] (2) R4 Astromech (5) Ion Cannon Turret Points: 48 Total points: 199 ... but Thane vs Norra might be a preference. I often have Norra making slow turns, firing the Ion Cannon Turret and tanking damage due to her bonus Evade. I feel like all your ships want actions and R5 takes those up. If you can run using the S-foils and disengage for a turn to repair that could work, but otherwise actions are better.
  13. I like the idea of Ion Cannon on the transport. How does that work out in play? Would Advanced Optics on the transport generate better damage, or does the ion effect end up being useful? I don't have experience flying either set-up.
  14. Thoughts? Heroic Advanced Optics (36) Nodin Chavdri [Resistance Transport] (2) R4 Astromech (6) Korr Sella Points: 44 (53) Temmin Wexley [T-70 X-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 58 (51) Kare Kun [T-70 X-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 56 (36) Tallissan Lintra [RZ-2 A-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 41 Total points: 199
  15. Not sure... we adjusted the rules that you got half points for taking a ship down to half health value. Then you got the other half the points for destroying a ship. That seemed to work. Nobody even touched the Raider though. Fog of War might work best without Huge ships, but I don't know for sure.
  16. Played a seven player Fog of War scenario this past Saturday. We ended after three hours with a First Order victory (Raider with turbolaser and two wings). We converted the 16 threat into 400 point builds. That was fun but a mistake. The board was crowded and it was hard to find spots to bring in reserve ships. When we play it again, we will either use Quick Builds or more likely put a ship limit on each player, probably 6 ships per player. Or perhaps building 200 point lists would work.
  17. Not sure... but FAQ states that R4 doesn't change revealed manuever and Epic Rules state that wingmates are considered to have performed revealed manuever.
  18. Stramm probably doesn't need Elusive. Dutch does lots of Target Locks, so Predator is probably unnecessary. Not sure, but I think the other bombers will need R4 if they want to benefit.
  19. I am playing Fog of War this Saturday as Resistance and I am trying to figure this list out... Fog of War: Volunteers (68) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing] (2) Veteran Wing Leader Points: 70 (51) Jessika Pava [T-70 X-wing] Points: 51 (47) Lieutenant Bastian [T-70 X-wing] Points: 47 (70) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (2) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 72 (36) Nodin Chavdri [Resistance Transport] (2) R4 Astromech (6) Korr Sella Points: 44 (36) Greer Sonnel [RZ-2 A-wing] (6) Concussion Missiles Points: 42 (55) New Republic Volunteers [GR-75 Medium Transport] (3) Tibanna Reserves (5) Ion Cannon Battery (8) Comms Team Points: 71 Total points: 397 The T70s setup with the GR-75, and I hold all the other ships in reserve. I think that will allow me to deploy to counter whoever strikes my flank (4 player match). Suggestions for upgrades or pilots? I would like to keep this ship combination, but I could add another RZ-2 or a bomber.
  20. Saving focus for defense makes sense. I didn't see that but had been thinking about how to buff the TIE Adv. x1 defense. Would Outmaneuver make sense on Pure Sabbac?
  21. What are the benefits and tactics with Optimized Prototype? Maarek should be locked to benefit from Advanced Targeting Computer and his pilot ability, so I am not sure I want to spend dice results to flip damage cards. But I think I am missing something... ?
  22. Thoughts on this streamlined and updated version? Servants of the Inquisitor (45) Maarek Stele [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System Points: 47 (44) Ved Foslo [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System Points: 46 (49) Major Vermeil [TIE Reaper] (13) Grand Inquisitor Points: 62 (44) "Pure Sabacc" [TIE/sk Striker] Points: 44 Total points: 199
  23. Asking for comments on this list. The striker and the reaper are new to me, so I need help and practice flying them. I want to keep these four ships, but I am open to suggestions for pilots and upgrades and tactics. Ruthless Officer (45) Maarek Stele [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System (1) Ruthless Points: 48 (44) Ved Foslo [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System (1) Ruthless Points: 47 (49) Major Vermeil [TIE Reaper] (6) Tactical Officer (3) Hull Upgrade Points: 58 (44) "Pure Sabacc" [TIE/sk Striker] (3) Seismic Charges Points: 47 Total points: 200
  24. Do you think Fog of War reserve rule allows wings in reserve?
  25. How does this affect wings placed in reserve?
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