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  1. Hi everyone~! My friends and I just recently discovered Strange Eons even though we’ve played Arkham Horror for so many years. We have some custom Ancient Ones and we’d like some feedback on them. Harodache is a massive creature that swims through the universe, eating stars and accidentally destroying anything that’s too small for it to notice. It’s not malicious in that sense, just… utterly uncaring. The Shatterer of Worlds is kind of a cross between Azathoth and Shudde M’ell. It destroys Other World locations to disrupt the investigators’ efforts, and it ends the game when it awakens. Harodache comes with 8 Shattered markers, pictured below. We only have the base game and Dunwich Horror, so we’ve never fought aquatic monsters before. That’s the main reason why Khrixatul was designed. Flavour-wise, she’s quite a straightforward aquatic monster. As for the game mechanics, she’s supposed to chip away at the investigators’ stamina with an endless swarm of Cultists. I don’t foresee there to be widespread flooding, maybe just a few spots here and there. Hopefully a couple of locations would be severely flooded and closed, so that there’s a greater chance of a monster surge occurring. Khrixatul comes with Flood tokens, pictured below. The number represents the number of Flood tokens on that location. It’s double-sided, as we belatedly figured a double-sided token was neater than adding a second token to a location. Meghrassal is heralded by a dismal unending downpour, and he’s supposed to represent sloth, despair, helplessness, and inaction. (Sounds suspiciously like the things that afflict us at work, but I digress.) Unlike other AOs, he has no fancy tricks and just imposes a straight up Will check penalty, along with the negation of all Weather effects that’s more for flavour than anything else. He’s troublesome when he wakes up, because he forces the investigators to split their stats between Fight and Will. Since we had some trouble with the Hound of Tindalos, we decided to go ahead and introduce the Archlord of Tindalos as an AO. Mh’ithrha turns the Hounds into spawn monsters (we didn’t have the means to make our own monster tokens previously so we recycled what we had). One Hound stays in Arkham, while the second stalks investigators in the Other Worlds. I found this image a long time ago, and found it equal parts angelic and monstrous. (I didn’t know it was used for Hastur in one of the Cthulhu Mythos wikis until a friend alerted me to it, but I’m sticking with this image for now.) We envisioned this as a false icon of hope; in-game, Narphycolep’s main weapon against the investigators is clue token removal. His Cultists are brainwashed ordinary folks who unwittingly carry out the AO’s will. Another monster we had major issues with was the Colour Out of Space, so we made another AO based on that. Once again, we went with the spawn monster mechanic, so that the Colours Out of Space would be able to wreck havoc on the investigators’ sanity. When Nuk’Surei awakens, the investigators should ideally be saddled with Madness cards. Sviqhoaru is inspired by the Tyranids and their genestealers: her worshippers disguise themselves as humans and infiltrate Arkham. They spread fear and chaos, and when Sviqhoaru finally awakens, the full horde will descend upon the investigators. Finally, we have Zoenraghek who is inspired by the Zerg; she literally covers Arkham in her own equivalent of Zerg creep. Specifically, she infests the ground her minions walk upon. Infested terrain is hazardous to the investigators, as it drains their stamina and slows them down. She also functions somewhat like Shudde M’ell, as the game is over when she successfully infests the whole of Arkham. Zoenraghek comes with Infestation markers, pictured below. Please let us know if these AOs are alright, and if there's anything we can do to improve on them. Thank you in advance for the feedback
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