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  1. My experiences so far are that Thor is great in multiplayer.
  2. Well you have your wish immediately with Red Skull coming in the firdt box set! Dracula is also a very cool choice. One of my favourite villains was always Count Nefaria after his huge power up. His huge three issue battle against the Avengers drawn by Byrne, still remains my favourite super hero battle.
  3. Would be amazing if they put out a DC champions version down the road. My inner geek rejoices at the thought of cap and batman teaming up.
  4. I have a feeling its Thanos, with the heroes finishing off the Avengers "cycle". Maybe Ant-Man, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, lots of really core Avengers to choose from. Depends how many heroes we get in a campaign box really. If not Avengers then Guardians is probably favourite. Starlord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax and Groot? I would prefer the campaign boxes to have a bigger villain to hero ratio though, its just needed at this point. But most importantly, im really hoping they come up with some solid creative rules for campaigns. Will be quite disappointed if its just some flavour txt linking the scenarios ala the core set.
  5. I think they have stated a few times that they have all the marvel comics universe characters so that would include the FF. But I think they are very smartly linking releases of characters to the MCU subtlety, for maximum exposure with the public. So I dont expect the FF or X Men for some time. My guess Guardians, SHIELD, Defenders, Eternals after they finish with the Avenegers arc they are currently on. But who expected Wrecking Crew? So they are much more likely to throw us surprises with villains. I would be shocked it the first story box was not Thanos related.
  6. Yes Rick Jones has been important to Hulk, Cap, Mar-Vell, the Avengers, the list goes on. Dont know what his ability should be, but he was always there to help!
  7. What obscure characters from the marvel universe do you eventually want to see appear in the game? Not the most well known characters but ones you have a geeky love for? Myself i would love to see Count Nefaria, he was always one of my favourite Avengers villains. On the hero side Black Knight is very cool. As a support card Rick Jones would be amazing as a basic card, as he has been part of so many heroes supporting casts. Whats your choices for more obscure characters?
  8. I was asking because the player count scales in lots of regards and my group is 5 players so was just asking for opinion.
  9. As a previous poster mentioned there are a lot more avengers they could do, or still have to get to. I think Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch are very possible choices due to the extra exposure in the MCU. In fact it would be strange not to do them and then push on to other teams in the universe and leave them out.
  10. Well i think one of the new encounter sets has a basic card gang up within it, so that shows other villains or encounter sets could have an extra caught of guard or masterplan or whatever. I am very intrested in the hostage/rescue situations stated by others sounds very intresting. Also i cant wait for just a really basic bank robbery as an encounter set, that will just make me laugh. They have not touched the Maggia yet, that will be nice.
  11. Could you ask if it is Black Widow revealed, if we are going to see ally versions of heroes already in the game such as Cap or Spidey?
  12. I will be a bit disappointed if there are no mechanics at all to the big boxes. Dont get me wrong. Will be hugely happy with so much new content. But as they have been so secrective about them about how they will work etc, it will still feel like a slight let down.
  13. Maybe in the future they will revisit the hero 15 card deck portions and give extra cards to each hero to expand your options. For example 5 new cards per hero for say 12 heroes is 60 cards in a pack. You now have 20 cards for those heroes, maybe you still have to reduce down to 15 maybe you can play all 20 who knows? Its a valid option though.
  14. I think a DC version of Marvel Champions will eventually see the green light. They could keep it totally compatable with Marvel Champions and that would be hugely popular. Think of the combos you could play. Batman, Captain America, the Flash and Spiderman off to defeat Lex Luthors evil schemes. As soon as i saw the title of the game i also thought they are keeping their options open with a DC Champions card game follow up.
  15. From what I can gather generally, it seems the game is a big hit for Fantasy Flight. This makes the games future very bright. I wonder if the game is or will cross over to a more non traditional gaming crowd due to its theme/license and pretty easy to get into smooth gameplay. I wonder just how well the game is doing? Big hit or huge hit?
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