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  1. I've always argued that were I the other great clans, the Mantis would have been destroyed to the last member after the war against Fu Leng. Holding the Empire hostage is inexcusable.
  2. Well. It might still be RIP. I think we should just make it the shrug emoji.
  3. I think we're much more likely to get a Kitsu school, and if I'm being honest that's probably colored a bit by how much I utterly dislike the idea of the beastmaster school. It feels like it belongs in a 90's network fantasy action drama.
  4. One option I was looking at doing, which is a sort of radical departure, is loosening the legal requirements of clans to only serve that clan and instead make clan identity more akin to a cultural identity. Then it isn't weird for a Lord to seek the services of a variety of individuals who may be from all over Rokugan.
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