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  1. Since things are light if you need someone to play a round to avoid a bye, ping me. Otherwise I plan to be back rounds 3 and 6. (I cant do round 2)
  2. Thats me in the haze of the early morning I think I put the fleet name instead of my user name. shall i recheck in or resubmitt the list?
  3. Hey @Truthiness I accidentally flipped the score and rankings of the 16th and 17th place players in the Houston Prime data I sent over. Sorry about that.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a long time player, and a rare commentator here on the forums. I thought I should do a quick write up on my recent win at the Massachusetts Prime hosted by Toys N’ Things in Danvers. First up the list. FLEET NAME: Jays SSD FACTION: Imperial POINTS: 391 SSD Assault Prototype 250 • Moff Jerjerrod 23 • Intel Ofcer 7 • Expert Shield Tech 5 • Damage Control Ofcer 5 • Gunnery Team 7 • Point-Defense Reroute 5 • Quad Laser Turrets 5 • Leading Shots 4 • Heavy Ion Emplacements 9 • Quad Battery Turrets 5 • Linked Turbolaser Towers 7 • Ravager 4 SHIP 336 Gozanti Cruisers 23 • Darth Vader 1 • Comms Net 2 SHIP 26 Gozanti Cruisers 23 • Hondo Ohnaka 2 • Repair Crews 4 SHIP 29 SQUADRONS 0 Now for a little background I’ve been running double ISD for the past three years now, including the dark days of flotilla spam and infinite relay. I typically place in top four of all the regionals/primes I attend, and I go to all the ones in Texas. Sadly I've never won, curse you Ryan Rhodes + Classic Ben! With there being a high possibility that I would TO the only prime in Texas this year and the next one being about 9 hours away I came in hungry for the win and the worlds ticket. So I brought my SSD build that I've been using a variant of since before it came out. (Thank you table top simulator and the creator of the mod!) I don't remember everyones list or everyones name but I'll put what I do remember and you can figure the lists out from the Prime data that Truthiness has put together. Game 1 vs Paul Points 400 List SSS Assault JerJerrod Krennic Kalus Weapons Team Gunnery Team Leading shots Quad Turbo laser Cannons H-9s Ravager Raider external racks Gozanti Comms Net Paul has only been playing a month so he was still unfamiliar with some cards, and he was a great sport about everything. Since I had the bid I decided to go second. Since we both had the same number of deployments I was able to wait until he moved into range and get the first shot. Also since the objectives favor second player I would get an advantage there as well. I was a bit concerned because in my few fights vs SSDs its generally come down to dice rolls rather than strategy and I don't trust my die rolling. Also he had Quad Turbo laser Cannons and H-9s so my braces were effectively out of the game. He chose my fire lanes objective and we proceeded with the joust. He got all the tokens at the end of round one because he rushed his raider up to add additional dice. He then used JerJerrod to turn to my left and landed on the tokens. This turned out to be a game making move as he was no longer threatening my gozantis and I was getting the fire lanes tokens. We proceeded to slug it out doing average damage with each shot. Due to my expert Shield Tech, heavy ions, LTT, and engineering commands I was able to out last him. He was also hurt by the fact that we were in close range by the time he got his first shot off and therefore Krennic was useless. In round four my SSD took his down and I elected not to kill the raider in my back arc. It had one or two hull left, but my SSD was sitting on 11 damage. Instead I moved out of black range and expert shield teched away his blue dice damage. Then I spent the next two turns healing cards and farming tokens since there were two rounds left and each round was 45 points of tokens vs a 47 point raider. Also I healed up enough to get under half which meant I would get a 10/1. Game 2 vs Points 395ish MC75 Ordinance Sato Assault Concussion Missiles ECM Wide Area Barrage Strategic Advisor Hammerhead Ord Experts Assault Concussion Missiles?? MC30 Ezra Ord Experts Assault Concussion Missiles Spinal Admonition Gr75 Comms Net Squadrons Tycho Shara Lando Janus Kanan I elected to go first this time and I picked his Rift Assault. I elected to go first because he would have first and last activations and be able to get in and out of danger. In addition shortly before the TO announced a ruling on Hyperspace migration. The ruling was that if you have an objective token and score it you cannot gain another token that turn. The ruling was based upon the twitch demo of RITR by FFG. Upon hearing this I knew my blue objective was far weaker than I thought and because he had so many ships there was a good chance my opponent had it as well. He had infested fields and dodging obstacles with a SSD is hard enough without them moving around. He put the rift in the middle of the field and I deployed with the SSD covering everything on my left flank. He deployed in the middle, and moved everything forward. I swung towards the middle at speed 2. In turn 2 he swung his hammerhead out far to my left and was just barely in arc at speed 2. I was able to land a great shot with QBT, Ravager, and LTT killing it. I also landed average shot on Janus. The rest of his fleet moved closer and I got a con fire raid token. I went first with the SSD landed an average shot on the MC75 who was going speed 3 at this point. Then I maneuvered so that I had a double arc on the MC75 and there was no way for it to get out. I weathered the single shot from the MC75 and the long range shots from the MC30 who had been slowed by the rift. I also killed Janus Kanan. Turn 3 I killed the MC75 and took out most of the MC30s shields with average rolls. In the final turn his MC30 couldn't really get away and I poured everything into it barely finishing it off. It was a super fun game in large part cause my opponent was so friendly. Result 10/1 Game 3 vs David? Points 396ish Sadly no pictures of this one MC80 Assault Ackbar Strat Officer Quad Battery turrets Home one ECM EWS ? Engine Techs MC30 Lando Admonition? Assault something Ord Experts TRC MC30 Ord experts GR75 Comms net Going into round three I was feeling really good. My opponent and I were ahead of third place by 7 points which meant there was no way for anyone to jump over the winner of this game. Furthermore, my opponent had limited experience vs SSDs. I again elected to go first for the same reasons as last time, but this time he did have Hyperspace migration. I deployed both my fleet in the center of the board. He deployed his first two ships in the far left corner and Admonition plus Home One more or less directly across from my SSD. All of his ships were facing my right. If I had to guess, his plan was to use the high value of Admonition+ Home One and their greater speed to draw me after them while getting some good Ackbar shots. The Purgill was between No name MC30 and the Flotilla. I moved in at speed 2 and thanks to JerJerrods two clicks I was able to swing to the left into easy black range of the no name MC30 and just outside of blue for the flotilla. He then tried to swing Home One and Admo around to face me but because he didn’t know where the SSD was going he was still facing directly towards my right. This meant he mostly missed out on round two and three of shots. Start of the round I killed off no name MC30 and the flotilla scattered my shot. I also put in some long range damage on Admo. His admo moved in to get a double arc close range shot. I went first put more damage on Admo, and used Jerry+speed to get out of black range. Admo and Home one proceeded to destroy my two flotillas following in the wake of the SSD and I picked up a token. Then Admo tried to land behind the SSD but barely ended up bumping and got double arced instead. I promptly destroyed Admo and Seeing how my SSD had almost no damage he disengaged with Home One. The result was a 7-4 for me and my first Prime win. Overall I have to say these were a great group of guys and gals to play against. Whether winning or losing everyone was super friendly even by armada standards which is pretty friendly to begin with. In fact I don’t think we ever called the TO over for an official ruling. Normally there is at least some range checks, but in all my games we understood what the other player was trying to do and said go for it. If it wasn’t so far I would be happy to continue playing. Looking forward to worlds!
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