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  1. My gaming group is notorious for making fun and eclectic characters. One player has made a "faulty" assassin droid PC that somehow ended up with fashion design in their programming. It's fun, we all love it, and the player is interested in investigating some XP into a skill to create clothes. I want to reward this player for their contributions to the fun had at the table. How would you handle this? I'm thinking along the lines of armor crafting and maybe a really good outfit gives you a boost die to social combat or social skill rolls. Thoughts?
  2. I used roll20 for the game and discord for voice chat.
  3. I use Roll20 for online gaming and discord for voice chat. Best combo that I've tried.
  4. The issue with the term "Mary Sue" is that people don't know what it means and substitute Mary Sue for Iconic Heroes that they think are too powerful or too competent -- particularly female characters. "The Mary Sue The term comes from a particular type of bad fan-fiction where the fan creation, a blatant self-insert, becomes the central character of the story with the existing characters becoming mere hangers-on to the Sue." An Iconic (or Aspirational) Hero is a character that has few if any flaws to overcome during their arc and are frequently hyper-competent. These characters are featured in Iconic Stories. We like Iconic Heroes because of their hyper-competency. James Bond, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, and Hercules are all Iconic Heroes. So are Luke, Han, and Leia. So is Rey. Dramatic Heroes battle themselves as much as they battle external forces. They have deep flaws and must come to grips with them. These characters are featured in Dramatic Stories. We like Dramatic Heroes because we love them for their deep flaws and see a part of ourselves in them. Their story often ends in tragedy (particularly in the Greek sense). Orpheus, Walter White, King Lear, the majority of the cast of the Wire are Dramatic Heroes. The Dramatic Hero follows a character arc in which he is changed by his experience of the world. The Iconic Hero undertakes tasks (often over and over like the labors of Hercules or serial comics or the Star Wars saga) and changes the world, restoring order to it, by remaining true to their essential self.
  5. JJ makes beautiful middles of stories. He can't establish a shot to save his life and he's never figured out what an ending looks like, but that middle part is always really pretty.
  6. Because the sales had already been made prior to release. Everything I am saying is in the hundreds of articles addressing the toy market during 2017-2019, but specifically addressed in the Bloomberg article. Hasbro had a bad marketing strategy and explains it. If you feel that your opinion is a fact, please provide a single metric to support it. This is a concept as old as Aristotle. When you are proven wrong by evidence, you concede the point and do not return to it or change the conditions of the discussion. I don't know why you are invested in this mythical financial failure of TLJ, but it is not a provable fact. If you feel that it is -- provide evidence or concede the point.
  7. Read the articles. Toys were released in September. That is before TLJ was released. When the movie came out in December, the products had been in the market for over three months. That's why they slumped. This is not an opinion. This is market analysis. These are provable metrics used by businesses to plan strategy. Nothing you are saying is empirically provable. You state opinion as fact and provide not measurable metric to back up anything you are saying. Opinions are not facts. I do not care if you hate these movies. I care that you say things that you cannot prove and discount measurable fact-based evidence that contradicts your opinions.
  8. I've downloaded all of these and converted the image ones to PDF. I didn't have another Mannan in my folder.
  9. I live in Ya'llywood (Atlanta) and half my gaming table is involved in the TV and Film industry these days. They go nuts every time a clickbait news site goes off on reshoots. Every production (as you say) does reshoots for any number of reasons. Star Wars does reshoots? End of the franchise. Joker does reshoots? Crickets.
  10. Comicsgate and agenda based "news" sites like Bleeding Fool and Cosmicbookdotnews have been banging this drum since TFA. Truly we live in a post-facts society.
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