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  1. Correct, but those kind of units are a minority in the game (currently), so most units can benefit from surge tokens.
  2. Check page 72-73 of rules reference (I attach a picture of that). Every time you eat a surge token, a clone trooper cries in a corner.
  3. These last days, the TX-130 Saber Tank and the AAT Tank have finally been delivered to the GAR and CIS players of my local meta, so I suppose in the next weeks I will see these tanks very often on the battlefield. I am wondering which considerations should I take into when I build my list and during the battle: which units can deal with them, which have to ran away from them, if some Upgrades are helpful (or terrible), if some Battle Cards (Objective/Deployment/Condition) can benefit me more or can make things difficult for them, etc. Any tip of experience related to the Rebels dealing with these new tanks will be appreciated.
  4. Generally speaking, Rebels can't compete in brute force and war of attrition with the other factions, so we have to focus more on objectives. When i shoot to Imperials, i look for the suppresions to make them lose actions, casualties is almost an unexpected bonus! Most of my victories, I end with very few miniatures on the table, but with the objectives completed. Rebellions are built on hope...to make more victory points than your opponent.
  5. Is there any information about the battles he won? I read the battle report of the match vs SailorMeni, and Jyn & co. performance was not really brilliant, tbh.
  6. I honestly think the main point of this topic ("Is SWL dead? ") has been covered. Other debates about other topics should be covered on other threads with other titles, imho.
  7. Dalae


    You are quoting the general rule for suppressions, but SailorMeni is talking about Suppressive keyword, which according 1.5.1. does not require any specific result on the attack.
  8. Could you ellaborate a bit, or post the list of the clon player? As far as i know, the "Take that, clankers!" Command Card increase the range of weapons, not the range of the Stand By trigger, and to benefit from this increase the unit needs a face up order token and an aim token. This command card allows to put face up order tokens to 2 troopers (i suppose Rex and the fire supporting unit). Scouting party allows Rex and 2 units to move ahead. I suppose his starting activation is Rex using his 2 actions to gain 1 stand by token and 1 aim token, and both units (the one that will stand by and the one fire suppporting) must be at range 1 of Rex for sharing tokens. I don't know, are you using the 25-33% of elements of terrain, with some of them LoS blocking? You could use some armoured vehicle to trigger the stand by attack.
  9. I am worried, can't find any rule that allows players to breath during the game.
  10. I agree with the points of manoftomorrow010. I'm not a big fan of the graffiti command card, but timing well the Explosions card can suppress a remarkable part of the opponent's army. Adding the Darksaber+Tenacity makes Sabine a close combat threat; with her speed 3 and jump 2 can hunt any unit she wants (and can help Luke to deal with enemy's close combat units/chatacters). Sabine can do a lot of things, just needs you having a clear and straight plan for her every turn.
  11. Tenacity really fits on Sabine: she is hard to kill (if not overexposed) so she can easily get a good use for that extra melee red dice. And i am not a big fan of the Symbol of Rebellion Command Card, I usually put the standard 2 peeps card. I usually run Luke+force reflexes+force push+recon, Sabine+darksaber+tenacity, 2 naked rebel troopers (or vets+mark II) and an ATRT with the 5 black dices cannon. It's scary how low on miniatures is this list, but for me is performing remarkably well in 500p skirmishes.
  12. Well, it's more about playing the game correctly. We understand that some of the decisions you take during the setup (choosing side, going for specific victory conditions/deployment zones/special conditions, the way and order that you deploy, etc.) can be affected if you know or not your opponent's army list beforehand. Just wanting to play it as expected.
  13. Dalae

    Tauntaun Ram

    It's more simple: each Tauntaun has Ram 1. A full unit has 2 Tauntauns. Full unit attacking results in Ram 2.
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