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  1. I'm just going to pretend grand Inquisitor is Second Sister 😂
  2. I haven't played with all of them yet. But so far my favorites are Royal Guard Champion and Boba Fett. Unfortunately they're both expensive to field... but they're fun! I'm curious what some of your favorite villains are or who you think are top tier?
  3. I know IA is 'dead' and they won't be releasing any new content. But I'm surprised no one here is discussing Jedi Fallen Order and what kind of content they could create from that. Maybe later, I'll post a few ideas in the homebrew thread.
  4. I should probably mention that the people I play with I play DnD with. And this is the closest I'll ever get to a star wars table top game at present 🤣
  5. I too use my deployments thematically, and NEVER use royal guards unless needed. The creatures attack whoever is closest to them typically. Since heroes have more melee than me it somehow tends to be them anyways 😋 The heroes I play with aren't the most competitive and aren't the most skilled, so I don't know how much the push mechanic can swing things. After all, I plan to use jet troopers and probe droids (I imagine they would be an effective rapid response force in coruscant.). But I think it could be fun to push a stormtrooper or two off.
  6. Example: As in, do you have the creatures attack anyone? It seems like most of the time in campaigns wampas and rancors aren't said to be trained animals. Same goes for Tusken raiders. They have no allegiance to the empire. Sometimes I'll also have a lone figure near death make a run for it or outright surrender. One thing I was thinking of letting my rebel heroes do is use Onar, Dialla and other push effects to push people off the platforms in HotE 🤣
  7. Do you ever increase the number of rounds the heroes get to complete the map? It feels like to me that the base rules rarely give the rebel players enough time to achieve their objectives, especially if the imperial player just uses their figures to block the way. For example, Overcharged or Perilous Hunt in Jabba's Realm
  8. Just for starting out I suppose, I don't know yet if we'll do a campaign offline or on the app. I have the heroes from CORE, HotE, and JR. By the looks of it, it seems like the HotE heroes are pretty complex compared to the other 2 sets.
  9. I have some new players joining for the first time and I was just curious what some of the better beginner heroes would be. Anyone mind ranking the rebels by complexity to play? (Atleast including Core, JR and HotE please.)
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