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  1. Sorry for the long response! Travel time around the holidays. True, I did not think about the alien species in Edge of the Empire. I have plenty of those books, so time to crack them open and see what I can make. Thank you for all the suggestions! The suggestions definitely helped point me in the right direction. I'll have to see what I can come up with as a result! I suppose this is a follow-up question to the conversion! How would I go about creating these types of powers? Most characters in GURPs have some kind of supernatural powers. One of the characters has an Insubstantiality power that lets her phase through walls. I thought about creating it as a heroic power, but I feel like a talent might be better. I also have characters with range innate attacks that are not race specific that I am wondering how I could convert over?
  2. Hi Forum, I have been running a fantasy gurps game for a while, and the players are hoping to try a different system. While I understand we cannot do a complete conversion of our gurps characters to genesys, I was curious to see how well we can convert the characters. Right now, we have a few humanoid characters that I think would be easy to convert over. We also have two quadruped, intelligent wolf characters, that I am wondering how we would model if we did switch to the Genesys system. How well does Genesys handle strange and unusual characters? Can it handled quadruped characters, like dragons, and feral wolves, and that sort of thing? Any suggestions for modeling these types of races that are not normally humanoid-type characters? Thanks!
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