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  1. I agree with everything that others have said. My thought is that if he is using a very offensive build, perhaps you should consider a very defensive build (with some teeth) I suggest using an MC80 Assault Cruiser with Agate and Defiance title and Pelta with Intensify Firepower. I'd also consider some flotillas, a good size squad build and think you'll do well. There is a lot you can weather with that base build and dish some things back. If you can double-arc - you're throwing more dice back at him then his ISD. Watch that Cymoon melt when you start loading him up. Just like others have said - he's going to run out of defence tokens real quick as Vader. Here I think you'll be able to handle those haymakers before you throw your own.
  2. Hi Guys, I reached out FFG on this (as i ordered an FFG starhawk to see if there was any difference from others.) They fully admitted that all or most Starhawks have misaligned arcs and are working on a solution. Not sure the timeline but I have an active ticket on the order and will be happy to keep everyone posted. I suspect they will post an article with any relevant details or instructions.
  3. Thanks for the responses - I did attempt a return already, but still ran into the same issue with the replacement. Needless to say its been a bit frustrating especially with FFG's change in policy around replacement parts... but working with the retailer now. The other side is is also just as bad!
  4. I realized the picture may be on the small size - so here is a better zoomed in version.
  5. Hi guys, Has anyone else encountered a printing error on the cardboard bases with their new Starhawks? I found the firing arcs were printed off center and I can't seem to find a retailer that doesn't have a corrected version. I've ordered from both Amazon (via the marketplace) and Miniature Market.
  6. First of all - this app is awesome! Really does streamline the turn sequence so we don't forget anything. I did have one question/observation - we completed our first turn using the app and one of our fleets had the "Low Fuel" condition. When we were completing the management phase in the app, it does not acknowledge that one of the fleets had that effect if we were going to spend resources (or automatically remove from playing steal supplies) to remove it. I believe that status will persist through the following turns.
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