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  1. I have thought about making my own species sourcebook and putting it in the official FFG book template, but honestly I don't have the time. Now that it looks like there aren't going to be anymore books I'm totally ok with someone taking my document and making an unofficial species sourcebook.
  2. I know its not ideal, but here are all the FFG species and careers... https://drive.google.com/open?id=16ZIG0CJNoOSyxVKqzlCgt_gzT8v9VB-L
  3. I use the Star Wars Adversaries site plenty, but with the new Starships and Speeders coming out it would be nice to have a similar resource for vehicles. Or Weapons (see Gear and Gadgets).
  4. My assumption was that this was a prize that some pirates/gang had acquired. A force powered child they could train and raise to help them in their quest for riches and power. Someone in the organization sells info about the force powered kid to imperials or middlemen who talk to imperials. Suddenly the imperials get the same idea as the gang, but they will train the kid to bring back the Empire. Hence The Client (Werner Herzog) decides to hire anyone he can to acquire the target while maintaining a degree of secrecy. (That beskar was just sitting around, might as well spend it). I don't think that those pirates were ever sitting on a ransom, but its not made clear. I mentioned that I believe that they acquired the kid from someone. They could have stolen The Child from the imperials. That would explain the tracking fob origins (how did the imperials get the info to track him). Or the fob data could have come from the informant I mention above. Ultimately I don't think it will ever be explained but these are the two best answers: 1. Pirate/Gang had their info sold to the imperials who will stop at nothing to secretly acquire The Child. 2. Pirate/Gang stole from the imperials and took The Child when they realized his value. Imperials try to get him back at all costs.
  5. Gang Names: (Color) (Noun). Blue Eels? Wait. Dread Eels?
  6. Getting my engineering degree they showed us this video during the final class before we graduated. Its an absolute riot.
  7. Asked my wife (GM and former EMT). She says that a double dose of the same poison will increase the severity of the reaction and speed up the onset of symptoms if not treated immediately. She suggests running it as double severity and half the time to onset of symptoms. So yes, double strain and you PC has less time before symptoms become severe/untreatable. We agree that you should decrease the difficulty to notice as it is a double dose and any flavored poison will be more noticeable. [base difficulty]-dose+Setback is a good way to run it.
  8. Players are on Dxun, end up fighting an Immature Zakkeg. One player has a vibroaxe and decides to run and powerslide underneath the Zakkeg and slit it end to end as he slids. Rolls successfully. Follow up player successfully does the same slide and shoves a Thermal Detonator into the wound. These were the first two initiative slots. Third was supposed to be the Zakkeg. He died before he got to move.
  9. Oh yeah I am aware of that. My bigger point was that there was no reason he couldn't due to their treatment of the Emperor. I was thinking about how this removed any permanence to death. What I didn't see, and that Kaosoe pointed out was that this opens up numerous role playing options for bringing back old foes.
  10. Spring board for discussion. I was very disappointed that this creates scenarios where nothing is permanent but I had not considered that I could use it to surprise my players by bringing back an old foe. Hmm... can't believe I didn't think of that earlier.
  11. My players started with the AoR Beginner Game and renamed Whisper Base to Cannok base. They then traveled to Dxun and fell in love with the Cannoks so much that they later purchased a ship and named it The Cannoks Maw.
  12. In TROS the Emperor is alive. Ok. Sure. I accept that with a grain of salt, but its not specified how he survived. He survived being electrically shocked, throw down a 300m+ shaft and some kind of force/electrical explosion, then very soon after (15min?) the explosion of the entire moon he was in. Those are really long, nigh on impossible odds of survival. As a GM I wouldn't even let a player roll for odds that long. They have a better chance of finding shelter on a planet with no breathable atmosphere naked. So here is my point. This undoes every death where we loose track of the body in the entire trilogy of trilogies. Han Solo? Sure he survived. Why not? He only got stabbed (the wound was cauterized), and fell a few hundred meters, there was no force/electrical explosion, and the moon he was in exploded. Seem like the exact same scenario as the Emperor with one less explosion. Why couldn't he survive? Having the Emperor live basically undoes every death that we don't explicitly keep track of the body. If we don't see the head come off or a force ghost, they can be alive. Please don't forget Darth Maul further proves this. (Solo and The Clone Wars Animated Series)
  13. Something that people/farmers on the Outer Rim would need to smuggle on a person through customs inspection. Super Fertilizer. A single vial can increase the yield of a single field 10 fold. Usual tariff is 300%. Super Medicine. There is a terrible virus outbreak and the medicine was acquired under unusual circumstances. It was supposed to be reserved for the Imperial Army/Navy, but it is being 'redistributed' by some smugglers with a heart of gold.
  14. The 'Conversions of WEG Modules by Kyla' link is no longer working.
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