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  1. Me too. I like seeing the mechanized deliverer of death arrive on the table more. Thanks for the thoughts!
  2. So now the list looks as follows: ***General Beers 'n Bois*** General Veers (80) + Aggressive Tactics (10) - 90 pts. Shoretroopers (52) + T-21B Trooper (32) x2 - 168 pts. DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36) - 36 pts. ATST (170) + Elite Armor Pilot (10) + Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20) + Linked Targeting Array (5) Command Cards: 1 PIP: Maximum Firepower, and Ambush 2 PIP: Pinned Down, and Push 3 PIP: Coordinated Fire, and Imperial Discipline Total Points: 499 (low bid but still a bid!). I will be playing this list over the next month or so to test it. Thanks for your feedback guys!
  3. Maybe a rework is in order. As shoretroopers became more evidently the superior force for imperial armies, it may be worth cutting the excess troops, targeting scores, and fitting in one more squad with a T21-b?
  4. While I agree with this, the ATST cannot usually be dealt with, OR avoided. usually the smart tactic to employ against this monstrosity is to just, Meh, leave it alone. But the damage it can do in a 500 point list is incredible.
  5. Competitive List. Goal is to suppress/eliminate enemy trooper units, while keeping them at long range. original, right? List: Director Orson Krennic: (90) + Aggressive Tactics (10) - Total: 100 Shoretroopers (52) + T-21B Trooper (32) x3 - Total: 252 DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36) + Comms Relay (5) x2 - Total: 82 DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36) - Total: 36 Death Troopers (76) + DLT-19D Trooper (34) + Duck and Cover (4) + E-11D Config (8) - Total 122 Strike Team (20) + DLT-19x (28) x3 - Total: 144 E-Web Team (55) + Barrage Generator (7) - Total: 62 Total: 798 This list will include all of Krennic's command Cards, as well as covert ops, Push, and Coordinated fire, as my command cards. Looking for recommendations. What sort of battle cards should I really be looking for? Any units I should swap/change out?
  6. Currently Veers is sorta, if not absolutely one of the strongest imperial commanders available. Palp and Krennic give him a run for his money, but he was featured in nearly every Imperial LVO list this season. I would recommend, if you decide to cut Iden, to instead put in veers, and maybe for fun give him electro-binoculars. Spotter 3? Gross! You know what else was featured in every single list? Shore-troopers. Most lists forgot about storm troopers altogether, preferring the range 4 T-21b and the black dice at range 3, as well as the ability to generate more orders off of the mortars. (if you're into the whole order token pass upgrade for 5 points, then go for it. I've never been the biggest fan, a little too cheesy for me) I would consider dropping the stormies with med droids and DLT's for more shore-troopers. They are just so good for their points. Iden is so far... untested. I like the unit, and I like her points, but I am not familiar enough to provide my opinion with them. Bossk = very good. Maybe even one of the best operatives available right now, Sabine possibly beating him out. He is extremely efficient at placing suppression, and in addition, he has good command cards to benefit his playstyle. Strike teams, while no longer a "must-include-to-compete" are still a very strong unit. I would keep them. Deathtroopers are, in my opinion, worth at least taking one. Keep them safe and use their armament upgrade to give them a nasty bit of suppressive firepower. That seems to be what most imperial lists are built around. If you have the points, they can be pricey. I usually run mine at around 130.
  7. Second list idea involves Dooku and Grievous, but having 2 very expensive characters has me... a little spooked in terms of objective based games. Especially if the droids fold like tissue paper (easily and without resistance) then it will be up to grievous and dooku to do all the heavy lifting, and while powerful units, definitely lose wounds to a gunline style army D&G, Tha' OG's - 797/800 General Grievous: (175) + Agg Tact. (10) + DT-57 "annihilator" (12) Total 197 Count Dooku (205) + Force Push (10) + Force Reflexes (10) + Anger (5) Total 230 5 x B1 Battle Droids (36) + E-5C Trooper (18) total 270 Droidekas (100) total 100
  8. Current units only, I am trying to figure out how to properly run droids. My whole "thing" Is running units and armies that typically haven't seen a lot of love or meta use. Currently, I think the separatists are the prime candidate for this topic and I am curious how to best run them. My list idea is: Grievous's shiny bois: (786) General Grievous (175) + Agg Tac. (10) + Est. Lead. (5) + Tenacity (4) + DT-57 "annihilator" (12) 6 x B1 Battle Droids (36) + E-5C Trooper (18) + Battle droid (6) 2 x Droidekas (100) + Hq Uplink (10) Commanc cards, all grievous' cards plus the generic. The idea behind this first list is... Full B1 squads that move up with grievous, and try and lock down the middle. I use both squads of destroyer droids to lock down one other flank, and eventually move my blob over to the centre. My only issue is... I don't think droids are survivable enough to pull it off. I would love advice on this approach (also, 14 points behind is my big bid for blue player)
  9. Just some thoughts, I have fought a multiple dewback list, and the fascination with them may come from the fact that they have armour 1, as well as spur. The unit, like you said, hits like a truck on steroids in melee, and usually has a reliable way to get there. The issue is playing it so it doesn't get tabled before turn 3...
  10. I would have to agree with Arnoldrew and (gasp) Mace windu. In all honesty, the ability to run up a fast, (huge) and deadly survivable cannon is very strong. Especially since it is so multipurpose in its delivery of death to vehicles and infantry alike. Total against vehicles it can boast impact 4??? plus any natural crits, it can certainly punch the tar out of any ATRT's that are present, and it can solidly rip through infantry thanks to veers giving aims and the hammers pilot, giving on such a small board, nearly 8 hit/crit results on 9 dice. disgustingly awesome. Now, the rebel list does look spooky. But i don't think the tauntauns could hold their ground against a single ATST. 8 wounds isn't survivable enough, even with surges and dodges factored in. one full turn of fire and those ice lizards are cooked to the bone. In all fairness, the list I brought forward relies heavily on shooting first. But with an ATST at range 4, I think it is easily a possibility to knock out almost 50-100 points turn one, from the T21-B to the front cannons.
  11. Alright, hear me out. Recently I've been looking at some of the more... underplayed units in lists. I almost never see mention of the Wookies, and I assume it is attributed to their relatively lackluster looking surge values (being surge to hit) and their relatively low-survivability. What I love about these absolute monsters though, is their amazing ability to be a flanking unit. Recently I played this list to immense success, and I want to ask if anyone has any recommendations or whether or not anyone has also shared this thought - that wookies are competitive, and for some reason, underplayed. List is as follows: (797 points) HQ: Leia Organa (90) + Strict Orders (5) Han Solo (120) + Duck and Cover (4) Corps: Rebel Troopers x3 with z6 (186) Rebel Troopers (40) + impact grenades (5) Wookie Warriors (75) + Bowcaster Wookie (35) + Recon intel (2) AT-RT x3 with rotary blaster (225) The idea is to use the ATRT's offensively, as they have armour and most lists neglect to bring any impact above impact 1, or critical 2. Using the ATRT's as a shock unit, they can sit at range 3 and punish anyone who comes within their range, while you have breathing room to flank up with your wookies and engage in melee combat. My whole plan for my wookies, and from what I have played so far, is to have them charge any unit near the frontlines, and tie them up in melee so they cannot be shot at first, or even second turn. An ideal charge would be snowtroopers with flamer who are eager to crisp some rebel bois, or even a squad of scouts moving up for demo charges. All the while, using Han offensively for a couple of his command cards, namely "sorry about the mess" and "change of plans" to mess with your opponent's hands, and importantly, get the units you need to activate, to activate first. You'll be relying on your 2 pips to get your wookies into charges first in turn, but the good news is that the unit has a total of 12 WOUNDS to chew through. More than an ATST. Tell me what you think, but my favourite parts about these big bad hairy grlglrglrgs is they ignore difficult terrain, have expert climber, rally on red dice, and have charge. Basically tauntaun infantry.
  12. So recently I played in a round robin styled tournament against all the factions. My list was not defeated once, and I almost always tabled my opponents (who are significantly more experiences in this game than I) Basically what I did was I waited around a little bit, prioritizing veers' order in order to set up units with an aim, and then as soon as he started to move closer with his units, activate my army and slowly kill his units off, by getting the first overwhelming volley every time. The list runs as follows: General Veers (vanilla) 80Pts DF-90 Mortar trooper (vanilla) 36Pts Shoretroopers (52) + Targeting scopes (4) + T-21b Trooper (32) + shoretrooper (13) Storm Troopers (44) + Targeting scoped (4) + DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) + Stormtrooper (11) ATST (170) + Imperial Hammers Elite Armour Pilot (10) + 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon (20)\ **Veers command cards, plus the vanilla set**
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