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  1. "I know it's somewhere in there, hiding it in the swamp would have been dumb... Can't remember... Wait! I think... nevermind, I don't remember."
  2. CT-2777 rubs the back of his head as he translates the jumbled memories into words. "I'm starting to remember. We were on a scouting mission... It was me, some other troopers, the sarge and some Gungan... scientist maybe? We got attacked by something... I hit my head on... something. And I hid a datapad containing info on our target! It was a structure of some kind. I hid it above... no... maybe... gah! Where did I hide it?"
  3. “It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. This makes No sense! What attacked us? Why was I ignored... No, removed from the Walker? Did the same happen to the others?”
  4. CT-2777 looks around, mystified. ”This... was the Walker I arrived on. What happened here?? Where is everyone?!?”
  5. 2777 finishes cleaning off his knuckles and stands at attention. "CT-2777 reporting for duty sirs. I'm glad to see some friendly faces."
  6. I’m sorry, did you just write the words “Zombie Gungan?” What the fork???
  7. CT-2777 rushes through the swamp waters. “Pick on some your own size!” He says as his fist connects with the creature.
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