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  1. I think Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) should be able to use/call Mjlonir as well. Have the two Thor's tossing Hammer and Axe between them. I note that unlike Valkyrie you can't use Make the Call to Trigger Thor (Jane Foster) special action.
  2. Sorry so many have yet to receive the ROTRS yet. It is good although it doesn't really help turn the Ultron Core story into a campaign but I'm going to try after playing this a few times. Played the campaign as Spiderwoman all the way through on Standard villains (but including the expert cards and other expert options). Spiderwoman is VERY good and FFG have done a great hero (definitely not a Hulk of Thor) She is quite op in some departments being able to Stun AND Confuse the villain making beating the early villains - Crossbones and Absorbing Man - fairly easy if you get this cards out. The mechanic where she gets better the more aspect cards you play in a turn is also interesting and can make her incredibly powerful, especially if you can also get her THW and ATK upgraded as well. I was doing 5 basic ATK or THW a number of times. LOVE her Captain Marvel ally. Giving a card every time she ATKs or THWs is very powerful and I tweaked the deck to include a First Aid to keep Carol going for 5 turns which makes her a **** of an ally. Honorary Avenger is another nice add on to keep her going just that little bit longer. On standard the Villains are challenging IF you let them move through their Main Schemes too long. I was nervous all the way through as things started being added after each scenario and I had to try and finish a scenario quickly to deny the villain bonuses while also wondering when I should take a turn to heal (you only really have to worry about this in Expert but as I said I wanted a bit of a challenge). All this impacts how good the Red Skull is at the end. How much Tech Crossbones was able to steal, how long Absorbing Man delayed you etc all add up. He also has a new mechanic where all side schemes are put in a separate deck and he draws one per turn. If you are crap at THW you really need to try and take Red Skull down fast or you will be overwhelmed. Overall I really had fun and it was a great narrative. Well done FFG. Dr Strange Tough Spell will be found to be virtually useless as most of the villains seems to have access to Pierce (ignore tough, discard it and do full damage). Range is also quite common. To balance this many of the villains are just normal or almost normal men so their HP are low compared to the other villains we have met before. Tons of minions which should please Thor players. I'm playing Hawkeyer now and his low HP with no armour, low defence and no heal in his pre built deck (Spiderwoman can heal herself with an intrinsic Protect card which also grants her Tough as well as a potentially high defence) makes him feel very brittle - more so than Black Widow. I beat Crossbones quickly - his arrows are an excellent mechanic but you need his quiver early to help you have more arrows and store them in the quiver for later use - took a few moments to figure how that worked but very nice FFG. Hawkeye also works as expected. I now enjoy Thor but it still makes me wonder how they have done so well in designing the other heroes as you would expect them to play then made such an un-Thor like build. I personally don't mind Hulk - he plays as I expect but Thor just doesn't feel like the "Strongest Avenger" or even in the top 3. However Spiderwoman and Hawkeye definitely have my thumbs up and well done and I'm enjoying the campaign.
  3. Agreed. I am also hoping it will give a way to link the core villains together as a campaign as well. I have played around with different ways to play Rhino/Klaw/Ultron as a unified Campaign and it works ok (although it breaks if you play as Iron Man or Black Panther due to keeping updates in play from scenario to scenario) but I'd like to see a definitive version from FFG which probably takes elements of Arkham. I just can't work out how to improve the heroes like you can investigators which FFG is hinting at for both Rise of the Red Skull and Galaxy's Most Wanted. Roll on next week.
  4. Captain Marvel Ally for Spiderwoman is possibly one of the best allies you can have imo and one you won't ever block with. Generating a card after she attacks or thwarts is so powerful. She will pay for herself after and if you heal her you can keep her going. Definitely one to be inspired as well.
  5. I'd like to clarify that I was playing Hulk exclusively Aggression, which solo is not one of the best aspects to play. The fact that I was able to beat Standard Rhino and Klaw playing Aggression is pretty good in my view. It took 8 games for me to beat Rhino with Thor (Solo). Like Thor Hulk is more a team player. He can do the damage for two heroes sometimes . I'm playing him in combo with Black Widow Justice and its going very nicely. Natasha thwarts with a little minion control while Hulk can focus on hammering. Its a nice team up. I can also see a Protection hero working with med teams keeping Hulk in combat longer by healing him - Dr Strange and Captain america come to mind but also Ms Marvel. Oh for a quick game Hulk and Captain Marvel (Justice or Leadership) is hilarious. I can imagine the villain just looking at these two and just giving up. The amount of damage these two can bring in a turn is amazing.
  6. As Captain Marvel is one of my Favourite heroes going cosmic and dealing with the Kree, Skrulls and please FFG the Brood, are what I am now looking forward to. Thanks for clarifying the Minion Ronan. He doesn't really fit in any of the current scenarios but he certainly adds a level of challenge that is fun to take on.
  7. Just got Hulk and started playing. Started by playing the unadulterated Hulk Aggression Deck and lost about 4 games against Standard Rhino before taking him down in the first three turns with 2 hulk smashes. Stun and Tough are a real problem for Hulk as he so often has only one attack and getting confused is also a pain as you have to clear it before you can use any of thwart cards Hulk has. However he is not Thor (who is now not a bad hero now anyway). Hulk plays as you expect, massive attacks that can or almost take out a standard villain's health in one turn. Observations 1. Understand that on some turns you will have only one attack (the basic ATK) and as Hulk you have to discard any unused cards. If you want those cards then flip down to Banner. This may be hard to do if you have Boundless Energy in play which goes when you flip. 2. The ally Brawn is valuable and should not be used to take damage if it can be avoided. He should always be put into play imo. Every time he attacks he takes one threat from any scheme. He has five health so that is 5 threat over 5 turns and his attack of 1 nicely removes tough clearing the way for Hulk. 3. Recommend dropping two "Martial Prowess" cards (you can only have max 1 per player. ) for 2x 0 cost "Chase them down" . One of the problems with Hulk's deck is there are no 0 cost cards despite having a hand of only 4. 4. Solo is like Thor in that the ability to thwart is limited and using Hulk's card to thwart expends most/all his cards to do. Sub-Orbital can save your game but is a mid to late game card. Getting this card early is a waste and you are at the mercy of the deck as to whether you will get it when you really need it. 5. Do not expect to burn through your deck. A discard is likely never to be seen in the game again. Plan for that especially when you flip down to Banner loosing Boundless Rage for the rest of the game. 6. While not really an option vs Rhino (Solo) with Klaw and Ultron flipping between Banner and Hulk is a viable strategy (Standard - haven't played Expert yet). You need that extra card plus the replacement card Banner offers. 7. Thunderclap is Hulk's best weapon against multiple minions. Even upgraded Ultron III Drones (3 HP) will disappear before Thunderclap. 8. Resourcing - Martial Prowess is useful but unlike God Of Thunder or Super Soldier Serum Hulk can only have max of 1. Getting that and Helicarrier into play will help Hulk pay for his expensive 4 cost cards. Get Avengers Mansion as well and Hulk really opens up but that requires a lot to fall into place to happen. 9. Threat management. This is the hardest thing Hulk has to do. Sub-Orbital Leap is great (if taking 3 resources) to remove 4/5 threat. To the Rescue costs 2 to remove 2 threat which is a questionable exchange but you might have to do it to stave off defeat. You have to make the decision whether to try to blitz the villain, hoping to not be stunned or encounter Tough villains or Guard Minions Or you take a more controlled approach and play the thwart cards when they appear to manage the growing threat. NOTE: Hulk does not have a way of removing threat from multiple schemes so as more side schemes appear the likely hood of winning becomes more difficult. 10. Solo he can win Standard against any villain. Expert takes a bit of luck but is still a lot of fun. In a team of three or more I think he will work very well. In a two player team the other hero has to be able to thwart well (so Justice or Leadership) and best either Captains America or Marvel, Black Panther or Black Widow . Dr Strange is an interesting team up but as he can't thwart if he casts his spells most of the time it will be more challenging (but a nice team up between the founding members of the original Defenders - bring on Namor and Silver Surfer!). Spiderman, She-Hulk and Ms Marvel aren't as good thwarters although with Justice that can be mitigated enough to allow Hulk to do his job. Iron Man is a real interesting question. If he builds his armour quickly then no problems. If Iron Man doesn't come in for four turns the game could be over. Iron Man will likely have to look to come in on turn 2 regardless of how much armour he has to thwart. 11. Overall this plays like Hulk should, able to do massive amounts of damage with thwarting only coming and the cost of expending most of your hand.
  8. ****, 9 health PER PLAYER! As a minion. That's going to be a pain for the weaker heroes or in a team game. It will really shift the balance once he arrives (I shudder thinking of playing him at Heroic 1 - 3). 3 ATK and 3 SCH cannot be ignored either. Theme wise he doesn't fit with any of the Earth based villains (maybe Kang?). If Ronan is just the minion in the Galaxy's most wanted who is the prime villain or is Ronan both a villain and a minion?
  9. Thor solo with his starter deck is quite tough, even on standard. I like Aggression for him but not solo. Justice pretty much the only way to have a chance in Solo but not very thematic.
  10. I can see the value of Quincarrier for Iron Man but I feel others can use it better than just fueling boots. Once the armour is built I will play up to all three if possible and then use the extras to power other cards. That being said As was already stated Iron Man rushes through his deck so quickly 2 are usually enough if you want to keep your deck down to 40.
  11. Iron Man is my favourite hero and yes he isn't for everyone but he can be played solo (up to Expert) as well as Heroic (up to Heroic 3 depending on the villain and the other team members) very well. Yes Iron Man takes between 3 and 5 turns to fully armour up but you really should look to flip to Iron Man on turn 3 regardless so you can help the team (or yourself if solo) to manage threat. Once Iron Man has his arc reactor he can thwart twice for 4 THW or THW for 2 then flip back to Tony to heal while waiting for the rest of the armour. Like Thor he takes a little getting used to but both need a bit of thwart and ramping to become game winners (Iron Man actually is probably easier than Thor in this regards). Iron Man Justice is the best aspect obviously. You can almost guarantee by mid game for your repulsor blast to do anything from 7 to 11 damage for only the cost of 1. Aerial is valuable for a number of reasons: 1. Both gauntlets do 2 rather than 1 damage which is great for getting rid of 2 point minions and Ultron drones; 2. Mark V helmet takes off 1 from all schemes (really great when playing Heroic when multiple side schemes are the norm or up against Wrecking Crew); 3. Supersonic Punch does 8 rather than 4 damage for 2 cost I'll buy all that for one mental resource! To get that mental resource without stacking your deck put in three Enhanced Awarenesses and use them exclusively for your jet boots. This way you can have both boots on and get that extra HP rather than use it as just a fuel card. Iron Man is not for everybody but for those who love the character he performs exactly like he should and you get that real feel of building the armour which is part of the fun with him.
  12. After watching Team Covenant (Steven) play Thor on Heroic with Zach I did the same, teaming him up with Captain Marvel. Thor really impressed me. He can have a really big turn with both Jarnbjorn and Mjolnir out plus playing two Mean Swings (exhausting both weapons) and a skilled strike plus expending another physical resource to activate Jarnbjorn for a very descent 13 damage (and this from just 4 cards - the two weapons were already in play). On other turns he concentrated on hitting then hammer throwing for a nice 11 per turn. With Captain Marvel (Leadership) covering the thwarting as well as laying in with Photonic blasts and Energy Channels this was an excellent team up. I'd previously tried Captain Marvel with Black Widow and just could beat the Wrecking Crew but I beat Heroic 1 Wrecking Crew twice in a row with Thor and CM and while I did loose Thor in one game he definitely held his own. The problem many have with him Solo really isn't there when you play in a team. The number of 0 cost Aggression cards can really be used to boost Thor's attacks consistently and Get Over Here (which is redundant in Solo) comes into play nicely as part of a team and allows you to charge up Hall of Heroes. Another thing was that I never really got to use Asgard (Piledriver kept on discarding it) and I found that I could adapt Thor to not need the extra card. Captain Marvel's Alter-ego Command ability comes in handy here as she gave Thor the extra card when needed. The two really work well together and boy do they generate strong damage on a regular basis while CM also covers the thwarting. I heartily recommend Thor in any team and thanks again to Steven for getting me to give the God of Thunder and other try.
  13. Yes Team Covenant makes mistakes but they have lost many times before they finally won. Everyone cheered when they did finally beat Ultron Heroic 3 and no one questioned how they did it. Everyone watching are there to catch and bring to their attention any mistakes they make. They are currently struggling to beat Rhino and yes they do make mistakes but who doesn't? When I beat Ultron Heroic 3 the first time I had to try and do it again just to make certain I did it right, and it took me another 8 games to do that! Captain Marvel Leadership and Iron Man Justice using the cards from Black Widow and Dr Strange to do it for those curious. I still think they are good for the game and are very entertaining to boot and should be appreciated for everything they have done for both Marvel Champions and Arkham Horror. Personally enjoy and appreciate everything they have done for the game.
  14. I was surprised how well both Black Widow and Dr Strange have performed against both Ultron and Green Goblin Mutagen Formula. GG especially I had found impossible to beat on Solo Expert then I just waltz through him with Black Widow and Dr Strange. I've played a lot of games now Solo (and playing a lot of Heroic 3 recently - curse you Team Covenant for setting the bar so high) which has made me a much better player on mere Expert. Also the new cards make Protection much better Solo when the game first came out. Now that doesn't mean I don't still loose on Expert but its mach rarer. That being said I still find Thor Solo a struggle on Expert .
  15. Regarding Ultron whether it be Expert up to Heroic 3 is you must have Justice and you must have Under Surveillance (The Van) to keep Ultron in Crimson Cowl main scheme for as long as possible. If playing two or more players you should have Leadership and play Squirrel girl as often as possible vs Ultron II while Hawkeye is necessary for Ultron III (he adds on 1 HP to all Drones making them invulnerable to Squirrel girl). Thor is ok with his lightning strike but Captain America is Better while Iron Man is the one to take down Ultron fast (Captain Marvel is also good if 3 player). Good Luck. I have beaten Ultron on Expert with stock Black Widow and Dr Strange on Solo (yes surprised me too) so maybe try them out too.
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