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  1. Thank your for your answer! One can interpret all these tasks in favour of the players, as you suggest, or in favour of the game, as I prefer. All your examples also make perfect sense when you focus on the aspect of choosing: Select on investigator who potentially can fulfill the task. As additional effect, it would give investigators with special abilities more importance, as e.g. Mark Harrigan can be choosen and he can dodge the effect. I will ask for clarification at FFG and let you know as soon I get an answer. Cheers!
  2. Hello, we have a discussion going on about a mythos card which says: The lead investigator must choose an investigator to become delayed. The question: Can the lead investigator choose an investigator which is already delayed? My answeris no, he can't. The task is to choose one who 'becomes' delayd, and an already delayed investigator is not a valid choice because no one can get delayed twice. So, although we don't pay for an effect, the choosen invetigator must at least have the possobility to become delayed. The others argue, we don't pay for an effect, therefore we are not limited whom we choose and can choose an already delayed investigator. What would be the correct answer? Thanks in advance! Stefan
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