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  1. For Vision beside Jarvis or victor shade there is also the young avengers version going by the name Jonas. For Groot. I see a baby groot in alter ego and a adult one in hero.
  2. The French Marvel champions card game groupe just spoil me about what could be the scenario box. it’s sure it’s a scenario box because from a asmodee encounter. But maybe not nest one (If I trust another source) even if the « the ... of ... » stick. And I am piss because I didn’t want to know this soon. So stay careful.
  3. Yeah I was surprised that only one vilain attack and use a encounter. it’s a crew. So I expected they at lest all attack (only the active vilain use the encounter).
  4. I was a little disappointed that only the bad guy with the more side scheme will attack and play a encounter. I think a way to make them harder would be that each of them attack and give encounter card. Or at least than only the one with the most side scheme attack, but all give a encounter.
  5. Where can I find a card to represent the drone. I see many video with them but none in the core set. Thanks.
  6. I think atone point I will play the wrecking crew with their scheme + rhino without any scheme.
  7. I give it anyways. I think the « You » of « You are confused » is for both alter hero or hero mode. They could have easily write « Your hero is confused » if they wanted it to work only as Heroes. Yes you’re in alter ego but I see it like this : the news of a bomb is pretty alarming and finding it was a false one make you (hero or alter ego) rethink what was true. What you miss, or what this false alarm hiding (the scheme growing).
  8. I think that will be possible with more new relise but I seen people talking to play in a future heroes + aspect without basic card, you are the first I read thinking to play only basic, me I hope for a fifth aspect.
  9. I work on this but I made a mistake with the scheme stat on the wrong card. I will correct that tomorrow.
  10. It’s seem like Taskemaster could also be a pain in the as for Iron-man or Black Panther.
  11. Blade also go by the name « Spider heroe » in Ewing run, and I definitely want to see a « Spider Heroe » ally card, Lol !
  12. I’m surprised they choose Vulture and not Venom as Spidey nemesis. But at least we will see him as vilain. A question if the do a scenario pack for Vulture in the future (hopefully in a sinister six pack) could they give in the same time a new nemesis (venom or green goblin) ? Because I truth that we will not play vulture as vilain with him as nemesis in the same time.
  13. How do I delete a message made by mistake, thanks?
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