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  1. Flagship is also a progressive web app, so if you visit it on a phone you should get prompted to "install" it on your phone to get a native-ish experience.
  2. I've also just enabled "discussions" on the GitHub repo, so if you want to talk about Flagship but don't want to file an issue, that's an option too.
  3. Thanks for the fix on the squadron - I've corrected the points value. The best place to point out problems or request features going forward is probably by filing an issue on the project's GitHub page - https://github.com/videege/flagship. I'm also on the Armada discord (although I don't check it super often). I'm still very much an Armada player and plan to continue support for Flagship indefinitely.
  4. @sasska Thanks for the shout out. Love to see people using the statistics!
  5. Flagship has been updated to include a point correction to leading shots. I believe this completes the Clone Wars upgrade corrections, but please let me know if something isn't correct. I've also added a warning on the fleet editor if your fleet includes cards banned in competitive play (SAdv, Bail, Pryce).
  6. Flagship has been updated to include: Spoiled content (some of this is likely WIP wordings) Added/updated statistics for: Ordnance experts Clone Captain Zak Swivel-Mount Batteries Kraken Note that because some of the spoiled changes make existing upgrades modifications, some of your fleets may no longer be legal when you load them; for example, if you were using H9s and QTCs, you will see both, but after removing one, you won't be able to re-add it. [personal note: :(]
  7. Flagship has been updated to include the new Separatist squadrons. I've also included a new warning regarding the 1 unique squadron per 100 points limit.
  8. Flagship has been updated with the Consular ship data, including the Radiant VII title restrictions. Also updated ACMs.
  9. Flagship has been updated to include content from the Separatists article. I don't have any of the new cards in the Statistics simulator yet; hopefully I'll get that done by this weekend.
  10. Flagship has been updated to include the new Republic content from this week's article. This update also includes some technical upgrades, so please let me know if you see any weirdness.
  11. I'm excited to share the latest project I've been working on - it's called Flagship and it will help you build fleets, analyze them, and provide an almost-100% managed experience for your Rebellion in the Rim campaign! I've been working on this for the last couple months and I think it's ready for an alpha release. This project is free and open source - if you like it and have the skills, please consider helping me out at GitHub. Another note before I rattle off a feature list: registration is required to use this application, but I don't use your personal information for anything besides basic identification (name/photo) and to associate your data with your account. Feel free to use the 'Guest' registration if you don't want to create an account or use a 3rd-party login, but keep in mind that if you do so your fleets are basically local to your current device. Features Fleet Building - Create and edit fleets for either faction. Flagship provides shortcuts for common point limits. - Pared down interface gives you just the textual information regarding upgrades and ships. - Export your fleet to a textual summary (for tournaments, printing, etc.). Fleet Analytics I'm pretty hyped for this one. To my knowledge there is no more comprehensive analytics platform for Armada than Flagship, and this feature was the main reason I undertook this project. - For any ship in your fleet, click 'View Stats' to go to an interface that will show you the expected damage, accuracies, and criticals plus or minus one standard deviation at long, medium, and close range. - The same information is available in textual format and includes measures like the coefficient of variance. - Calculate the probability of achieving at least N criticals or accuracies at each range, potentially limiting to a specific color (i.e., at least 1 black crit). - Most effects in the game (25+) that modify a ship-to-ship attack are modeled by Flagship. View the probability of needing to use Leading Shots and how that affects the output of your ship. See how combining a concentrate fire dial and General Romodi ups your damage output. You can toggle effects off and on and reorder most effects. (I'm still working on the following effects: Caitken and Shollan, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, Salvation, and the Devastator title. Also, critical effects are not modeled in the damage output but I figure these are easy enough to calculate in your head.) - Note: I am not a mathematician but I have tried to explain the methodology used for each effect type in detail. In general, this simulation models the probability distribution of each die in an attack pool as each effect is applied to the pool. Please, if you think I am doing something wrong or sub-optimal here, let me know. Rebellion in the Rim Manager - Create and manage your RitR campaigns here! (Sorry, no Corellian Conflict yet.) - Invite other users to manage their own campaign players or do it all yourself. - View the current score and phase of the campaign, the campaign roster (including wins, losses, and MoV), each team's token inventory, the status of every location, and a timeline of campaign events. - Flagship will guide you through each step of the campaign from setup to the end. During the strategy phase, record your declared assaults and Flagship will let you know what conditions each player will get. Likewise, the battle phase results will let you know how much experience and victory points you will receive, and you can record which parts of your fleet are scarred/veterans. The management phase will allow you build new bases, unscar ships/squadrons, and inform you about what rewards you can add to your fleets. Flagship also accounts for the pivotal/climactic battle sub-phase. - Basically everything is managed for you except modifications to your fleets. - Each fleet that is part of a campaign will have a special custom commander editor that allows you to purchase abilities. - If you make a mistake, you can also manually modify most values in the campaign. Progressive Web App - Flagship is designed to be mobile-friendly and a progressive web app. This means you should be able to add it your phone's launcher and use it mostly like a native app. (Heads up: I haven't extensively tested this but it seems to work OK on a couple of phones I've tried it on.) If you made it this far, please let me know what you think - if you encounter any problems, let me know here or on GitHub (I apologize in advance - it is alpha software :D). Likewise, if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.
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