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  1. Hi all, that is acutally my third post I am writing since my first two are not showing up (maybe I misclicked somewhere or what ever or an admin keeps deleting my posts?). If the first two show up sorry for double/tripple post. But it's a couple days and they are not here yet. First of all I wanted to say thank to everyone who is involved in this projekt. I really like that work. And my question is on how to exactly print these files. On this page https://github.com/nickv2002/Imperial-Assault-Skirmish-Map-Project I found severl maps I'd like to print however these have sometimes different pixel sizes. So I wonder what I must to in order to print these and still have the needed size of every tile like in real. I would imagine that if I just print it how it comes it will not be the needed size. I only found this hint: But this just refers to a .pdf and some of the maps and not all (like I said the pixel ration is slightly different of most maps. Can you help me out? Thanks all.
  2. Same problem here. I asked a question here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/253553-imperial-assault-printable-skirmish-map-project/page/8/ but so far after a couple days no response... Probably the same for this post here...
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