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  1. Very experimental and heresy for an ultra Orthodox painter like me. That said the TIEs with the red wings look amazing.
  2. I see I am not the only one who made this game a hobby 😄 I did also alot of expansion sthings, rather different tho but I see and know how much work and thought you put into this. Great stuff.
  3. Looks really good, how did you modify the forest rangers if you dont mind that question. Also your guide about faces was really helpfull, it feels I doubled my skill on that by just reading it 😄
  4. So you didnt like the IG 88 sculpt and simply made one yourself ? I hate you.
  5. Depends where I guess, in Germany its out of print and the big expansions are already selling in the tripple digits, trend upward.
  6. Sure but its iconic for me. I love it since Rebellion/Supremacy. But yes, its of course Star Destroyer concept art at its base. The assault frigate MK2 looks unstarwarsy to me with its stingy wasp design. It wouldnt bother me to much if it had not replaced my beloved assault frigate.
  7. Dreadnaughts, Carracks, Lancers, Corelian Gunships, Escort carriers, Assault Frigates (not the ugly one the game has) ...much of the important stuff (for me) is missing but at least there are Victory class SDs
  8. To be fair the kitbashed look is the bread and butter of SW ships. I mean the bulps on Mon Cal cruisers in the film are bombs and drop tanks from jet fighter kits and their engines are from an Saturn rocket kit.
  9. If Its just for display try to super glue it.
  10. Duh I wish they would concentrate more on Star Wars instead of this.
  11. I bought the game two weeks ago and almost broke it off. Still holding firm.
  12. I love the engine glow on your TIEs, not to mention most people put them on the wrong places. Also your A-wings are indeed outstanding especially the Blue ones.
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