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  1. It's like having your dog die. An ageing and incontinent half-blind dog that continually shat itself in the bed then rolled around on it and smeared the **** everywhere.
  2. I think you’re giving marketing spin a bit too much credit.
  3. But they didn’t say dev team were carried over, that’s just what everyone chose to believe it meant. Could have been the art coordinator, the lead sculptor, the logistics guy, the LFL relationship manager. There’s loads of people who go into a X-Wing release, most of them aren’t designers, and some of them moved over.
  4. I suspect you’re thinking small. They didn’t punt the game over to AMG for the sake of a 4-bank template. I think we are going to see wholesale changes.
  5. I don’t think x-wing will reboot, there’s diminishing returns on that. I can imagine them killing it to relaunch a completely different game, like how Imp Assault died to make Legion.
  6. Good. Your hate makes you powerful.
  7. It’s so difficult to leave our echo chambers isn’t it. Diddums.
  8. Having to rotate arc, ability to be arc-dodged, extra dice at range 3, generally more efficient and tougher ships are harder to burn down. If TLT came into the game at it's 1.0 cost it would be unplayably bad.
  9. That sounds like a problem that exists between templates and chair.
  10. Why would you take a TL action on the ship that can equip Predator or run alongside a LAAT?
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