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  1. It’s a bit out of context from an upcoming blog. But basically, the B-Wing is 6% MORE LIKELY to survive 4 incoming 3 dice shots than a T-65 is. When you flip to 8 incoming 2 dice shots the B-Wing is 12% less likely to survive than a T-65 would be.
  2. That’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever said, which is going some from you. Yes of course maths doesn’t include any of those things but it doesn’t make maths ‘not applicable’. It’s an important part of the game that can (and should) be used to inform decision making.
  3. This table shows how agility affects efficiency of ships when you flip from facing 3 dice ships to twice as many 2-dice ships. The B-Wing rolls 50% less hits when it switches to facing 8 TIEs instead of 4 T-65s. The T-65 loses 20% offense, but the TIE Advanced pretty much holds flat. Its still not raw-statewise more efficient than the T-65 until you get to extremes of 7/8 ships firing at the TIE, but the gap that was there vs 3 dice opponents closes tremendously and this isn’t factoring the value of crits at all.
  4. If you find the Sith Takers channel on Twitch the last video is Tim’s 5 TIE x1 ripping through Rebel Beef.
  5. The list Tim played was 3 I2 with Passive. 2 I3 with FCS
  6. I assume the people who don’t believe in it also didn’t believe in 5 TIE/sf with Passive/Concussions as they’re extremely similar lists with extremely similar success profiles. Only 5 X1 is better in a meta with lots of 2 red dice.
  7. Passive Sensors is the explanation. And that the defensive focus isn’t as important as you’d expect, especially vs 2 red dice or at range 3.
  8. No, because being dealt a damage card isn’t suffering damage, which is what triggers Stealth going.
  9. Also in general you can brain this quite easily. 2 dice with focus = 2 dice with 5 symbols you want to see = 10 positive outcomes 3 dice with no focus = 3 dice with 3 symbols you want to see = 9 positive outcomes. 2 dice w/focus is approx 10% better than 3 without. One one attack. As soon as you spend focus and more people are firing at you 3 green dice starts to catch up.
  10. Stay tuned to my next blog then! It depends on how many attackers and how many red dice they have. The T-65 is better vs smaller numbers if attackers with 3 red dice each. The TIE is better vs larger number of attackers with 2 red dice each.
  11. A friend of mine already qualified for Worlds with 5 TIE Advanced. They’re a little riskier than 5X but arguably better in a meta of 2-dice generic ships - if I’m facing a vulture swarm I’d much rather be playing 5 TIEs than 5 T-65s! Im refreshing by blog about generic efficiency with the new points costs and the TIE Advanced is one I plan on calling out as being a lot better than I expected.
  12. Maybe it could start with a genuine question instead of a disingenuous lecture on how the world is and how anybody who disagrees just hasn’t thought about it properly?
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