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  1. Think of it as taking EWS vs squads if you have your own squads except it works for multiple sides and doesn't take a defensive slot.
  2. I don't know duck_bird well, if they are offended by the pronoun, I fixed it in the report.
  3. POD F Antisocialmunky defeats duck_bird 400 vs 178, 9-2 duck_bird was First Player and selected Planetary Ion Cannon We deployed across from each other and duck_bird rushes me with duck_bird's Liberty at speed 3 and Salvation at speed 2. My Onager takes out Salvation while duck_bird cleans up most of my squad wing except for Dengar and Bossk. Eventually the Liberty gets into a ramming contest with my VSD that it doesn't win for the table on turn 4. https://gofile.io/?c=6k7V2K
  4. I submitted mine. Edit: I maybe have submitted twice after forgetting earlier today.
  5. For the EST +7th ISD2, just take a second ISD2 with Motti and just ignore any damage where you take fewer than 4 damage
  6. Vadering DCO and hammering with APT is pretty good but more generally, any list with large bases that can pressure the SSD's defense tokens while preventing the SSD from doing the same will do well. I use something like this: https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/69263/
  7. I beat Keskai 8-3. May those Romodi gozantis rest in peace.
  8. I played against BADDinner's pickles, lost 10-1.
  9. Harrow gives either player the 2 yaw even if the player is going speed 2 for his normal maneuver right?
  10. Someone did a Brunson, 7th Fleet, EWS ISD list that could speed 0 without dying. Might be intresting if you want a starting place.
  11. I talked to Karneck about it. According to him, how 'gather dice' works is that when you declare an attack you gather dice for the specific range, if you can't gather any dice for the range then the attack is cancelled. But that isn't actually the part that's tripping you and me up. I did a little digging and I think I've found the definitive explanation: Look at the requirements of the card: 1) 'While attacking...' 2) '... a squadron ...' 3) '... before you gather dice ...' Those are it. The timing window is actually massive. Iv'e found atleast two different places where it can slot in BEFORE you measure range during the 'Declare attack step'. So what it looks like the timing happens something like this: 1) Declare the target (ALL of HFZ's conditions are filled here) - HFZ has an opportunity to slot in here (the early timing) 2) Check if it is in the arc (these two are separate steps in the 'check if squad/defending hullzone is in the arc and in range' sub-step on page 7 of the rules reference) - HFZ has an opportunity to slot in here (the late timing) 3) Check if it is in range 4) You know if the target is valid. The key is the insanely broad timing, just fulfill the condition of declaring the defending squadron and you can replace the blues with reds.
  12. The Local Fire Control system is pretty disappointing but the Bridge Card is great especially with AFFM on a Sloan list or one of the navigation commands or some sort of MSU.
  13. +1e4 That's two in the wild so far. Probably a few more got leaked so hopefully soooon.
  14. Empire got all the fun stuff this year.
  15. The only ship that can actually take multiple command tokens of the same type is the Executor right? I've never played with Phoenix Home but the reading of that card is somewhat vague enough to allow it though I don't think it does. It just feels that way because of Asoka.
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