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  1. I agree. I've only been able to play with my Starhawk ship once since I got it, but I recall it tore through a Star Destroyer like a lightsaber through a limb.
  2. It just means I have all that I want from the game. Even with the Clone Wars expansion announcement, I will not be expanding into that. The ships look great as always, but I'm content with staying in the Galactic Civil War era.
  3. So after nearly four years of collecting, I finally finished my Armada collection. It's a good balance of all the sets to allow both sides to have plenty of options, nice custom foam trays from BattleFoam, custom accessories from some really talented and dedicated Armada enthusiasts, and a place to play with enough room for 3'x6' battles. While I'm happy to have finally finished it (especially not having to spend any more money), I'm also sad that I haven't been able to play it ever since the pandemic has crippled our way of life. My last game was on March 13th when my play group finished the first pivotal battle of our very first Rebellion in the Rim campaign. Since then, the campaign has been on indefinite suspension due to lock downs, international boarder restrictions on travel, and adherence to social distancing. One day, the battle for the Outer Rim will resume again. For now, it remains a battle from a long time ago, in a basement.... well......, just beneath my living room. 🙁
  4. Perfect. So there is a rules reference about it. I just didn't know where to look. I'm also glad to learn that I've been playing it correctly. Thanks for the response.
  5. I have a question regarding the affect that discarding ship upgrade cards has on the point value of a ship, and I don't think I've found any documentation about it in any of the official FFG rule books. It may be a common sense answer, but I'd like something more official, or at least an answer from someone with more knowledge of the subject. My question is this: If a upgrade card is discarded from a ship as the result of using it and that ship is later destroyed during the course of the game, does the point value of the ship still include the value of the already discarded upgrade card or is the point value decreased by the value of the discarded upgrade card?
  6. Sentence 2 and 3 is an if/then statement like in programing. If X happens, then do Y. The first sentence, as I interpret it, would have no bearing on the 2nd and third. I'm curious to know for those that have played this objective if any chain reactions occurred. One objective ship blows up and it takes another objective ship/squadron with it.
  7. I'm looking to get some opinions regarding one of the RitR rules about acquiring fleet conditions, a rule that I'm beginning to question as possibly a poor one that I may want to overrule in the campaign I'm running. The rule I'm referring to is the fact that a fleet can only have one condition at a time, and that if a fleet has a condition and would acquire a second one, it ignores the new one it would gain and only keeps its existing one. Allow me to describe the current state of play in my campaign and my point of view on the rule. I'm running a 4 man campaign, and at present, two players have the Low Fuel fleet condition (myself on the Rebels and one of the Imperial players). Currently we have not made any efforts to clear the condition because 1. we are saving our resource tokens for base construction and 2. no one has played the "Steal Supplies" campaign objective which would allow clearing the condition at the end of the battle. The Low Fuel condition is not that significant of a debuff (in my opinion), and in my case, I'm able to mitigate its affect rather well because my task force commander has the Master Navigator II ability which allows my ships to change speed by up to 2 on a navigate command. Here's where the issue I have arises regarding the ruling on gaining conditions. Because one of the Imperial players and I have Low Fuel, we are in a sense blocking ourselves from gaining either Low Morale or Low Supply conditions, and those conditions have a bit heavier of a penalty. The opportunity to gain Low Morale or Low Supply for any fleet has not happened yet, but I feel that this rule of only being able to have one condition lessens the board impact of playing a diplomats token as well as maintaining control of the border systems which are required to trigger a possible application of Low Morale or Low Supply. It is my opinion that fleet conditions should not be restricted to only having one at a time, but that the rules should allow for fleets to be affected by multiple conditions at a time as long as those conditions are gained on separate game turns. I feel this would maintain the value of playing those diplomat tokens on the board as well as acquiring/maintaining control of the border systems to offer the threat of Low Morale and Low Supply to your opponent as well as the danger of acquiring those conditions on your own fleet should the situation be stacked against you. I also feel that this would emphasize trying to clear those conditions more so than retaining them as a tool for blocking something worse. After all, real world armies are certainly susceptible to low fuel, low supply, and low morale often at once, with one condition possibly causing another. The rules do state that if you would gain two conditions on the same turn, you may choose which one you have to acquire, and I believe this rule is still proper and I have no qualms with it. I'm considering house ruling that multiple conditions can be a threat in our campaign. Since we have already started and have played 3 turns at this point, I may put it to a vote rather than just implement the rules modification in the interest of fairness. I'd welcome other peoples viewpoints and perspectives. If you agree or disagree, please share why you think so. Our next turn isn't for a couple of weeks so I have some time to receive input before I bring it up to my players for debate and voting.
  8. I approve of this response. Thank you! 👍 Appreciate the clarification there. I also missed the fact that it says One player from each team. Staring me right in the face. I'll need to re-read the strategic effect tokens section of the guide again when I get home to make sure I interpret everything correctly for my group.
  9. Here's a suggestion to solve this in the interim. If you are running the RitR campaign, house rule the Experimental Retrofit reward locations on Raxus Prime and Endor to also include the Superweapon rewards. The Experimental Retrofit upgrades only apply to the Interdictor so they are rather exclusive. Since the Superweapon upgrades are also exclusive, it would seem to be a nice place to slot that in as an option. You may need to tweak the reward numbers granted for a win/loss. Here's how it stands right now. Raxus Prime and Endor both offer: Experimental Retrofit Reward 8/4 Grave Shift Reroute (2) G7-X Grave Well Projector (2) G-8 Experimental Projector (8) Targeting Scrambler (5) Consider adding this to the map as a special house rule at Raxus Prime and Endor: Superweapon Reward (10/5) Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array (10) Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons (5) Superheavy Composite Beam Turbolasers (7) I think giving the Superweapon point reward spread 10/5 makes it competitive enough to make you want to get a win there to get the higher priced rewards, but even if you lost, the OBPC is still an option if you are Imperials and using the Onager. Also, the fact that Endor is one of only two locations on the map to offer a Superweapon reward fits nicely with the flavor of the game (Death Star II reference of course).
  10. I kicked off my first Rebellion in the Rim Campaign this past weekend, and when reviewing the rules regarding Strategic Effect tokens, I came across the description of the Ally token and am unsure how to interpret the rule. The rules on spending an ally token read as follows from the campaign guide: My question lies at the quantity of tokens that may be spent. When you choose to spend an ally token, may you spend more than one to add even more ships/squadrons to your fleet for the battle, or may you only spend one ally token per battle? Since the rules say to "spend an ally token" rather than "spend up to one ally token," I feel the choice of words leads the answer to be unclear. If I had to guess, I would think that you could only spend one token per battle to gain either the 45 fleet points worth of squadrons or a single ship worth up to 45 fleet points as doing so multiple times would tip the scales a bit too much. If anyone has an official ruling on this, sharing would be appreciated. No one in my group has claimed any ally tokens as of yet, but it will happen eventually.
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