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  1. Hi all, I have only just taken my first steps into Descent & I have a question, I know when I use the basic 15 Overlord cards, but when do I use/add the others, such as Universal cards of Magus 1 cards? cheers Perry
  2. Just looked at this thread, pictures are terrible, will have to repost them as it does not do them any justice. Sorry.
  3. Well decided to start a thread covering my advance into the world of Star wars Legion, Boba is on a seperate thread, but wanted to collate all my stuff here as I paint and finish them. Comments more than welcome. Darth Vader to start off, not great, my first attempt at OSL, tried to copy Soristro's Tutorial, but the man is a god, his work is awesome. StoorTrooper Squad Leader
  4. I have used Gloss on Vader, for his Helmet, shoulder armour (parts you can see and his boots, along with his groin armour, works a treat.
  5. Awesome work, really well done. Looks like I am gonna buy Star Wars Legion Clone wars next up.
  6. I like them a lot, although I have just purchased the Star Wars Legion Core set, see-ing these does make me want to but the Clone wars core boxed set as well! Really nice work.
  7. To be honest delays are to be expected, FFG knock out some awesome games, and so I feel we should just wait and see when the goodies arrive. They get here when they get here, if a product slips, so be it. As long as the game system in itself is good, and not under threat then it is all good. We will get what we are after over time, I for one would like Ewoks for Endor & more poses for the core troops, or even core troop packs that are totally multi pose along the same lines as GW marines etc, Oh and an FFG AT-AT!, also Yoda would be cool. If they did that and it was delayed, so be it, as long as we get the products at some point it's all good, (as long as we are not talking years). Regards Perry
  8. Of course I was referring to Depot/Death Star guard detachment Stormies. Real vet units just Gloss varnish (for hardness protection), then Matt varnish (remember, shine will give you away in the field, need to dull down that armour!), then get some dirt on them boots. And my unit never passed an inspectionšŸ˜.
  9. Satin varnish the armour, and then Matt varnish the gloves and weapons.
  10. I do like the Skull Forge Obi wan in Armour, gotta get me one of those all ready for when I pull the trigger on the clone wars core set.
  11. Just look on Sorastroā€™s sticky thread at the top of the painting sub forum, the man will tell you all you need to know.
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