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  1. Thanks Kakita for clarifying that.
  2. so one member says that the "traits" stays and the other member says that the "traits" does not stay. So which is it? It is a bit frustrating to play this game as FFG does not have some official ongoing rules updates. Yes, there was a rule book with the base game, but cards have since been released with abilities, traits, effects, text and so on that are not completely explained in that original rule book. Just saying...
  3. Hi I know the difference between discard (pile) and Killed (pile) What I don't understand is, what is meant by "remove from the game" is this just another way of saying "kill" or is this a third "pile" When discarding cards from your hand and your opposing playing has Meryn Trant on the table it says "remove from the game all cards discarded from your hand instead of putting it in the discard pile" Are these now killed? or are they in a third pile? out of the play area. And if they are, can I marshal a second copy of a unique if the first copy is now "removed from the game" by Meryn or any other similarly worded characters? Thanks for your answers in advance.
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