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  1. Fair, and thanks for pointing that out!
  2. I quite like this, actually. It’s a really good idea. Maybe consider dropping PRockets for Lone Wolf on Soontir and Stealth Device or deeper bid to work with? It seems that if you get someone in your bullseye even like three times a game, you aren’t really getting the full value for both.
  3. Yeah, I would agree, and I think it mainly comes down to player style. I really want my opponents to feel pressured to take green tokens instead of locks, and Juke does that really well when you have two, Feroph, and Vader crew. But I do see your position.
  4. I am currently 3-0 with the Sabaac/Vader Crew/Rexler list, and I am in love with it. People never go for Rex. Sabaac is too much of a target, and when he’s punished, they usually turn their attention to Feroph/SBP carrying Vader, and try to make scraps of him. Rexler always makes it to the very end, and as the game goes on, his three hull and four shields look more and more and more intimidating. It’s amazing. Currently the list is Rex with Juke, Feroph with Vader, and Sabaac with Juke. I even beat a Boba/Fenn/Nom list by luck of the dice 😉 But I had an idea... This is not the build most people on the thread seem to be leaning towards, but I know DeciWhisper did well at some tournament (sometime in history) and maybe this would work? DeciRexee {200} -Rexler Brath (88) •Juke (7) -Rear Admiral Chiraneau (112) •Darth Vader (14) •Minister Tua (7) •Moff Jerjerrod (8) •Seismic Charges (3) •Dauntless (4) Edit: Wow... I just looked back to the first page and @JBFancourt said something almost exactly like this... 😳. I didn’t mean to steal your idea!
  5. It could be a thing, and really fun at that, in Epic. Only if it is costed appropriately, though, and I doubt that FFG would make a ship that’s not gigantic solely for Epic.
  6. Yeah, I’ve actually been having this problem too. Heck, Oli used Passive on Vader in his very tight list, so I fell like there’s something I’m missing as well.
  7. Yeah, that was a big mistake on my part. Sorry about that. I’m new here too 🙂 This was probably also not the most accurate thing I have ever written. I meant that compared to the shuttle, the Gunboat does go super fast when it wants to and there are definitely times when you’ll want to take it out of R2.
  8. Welcome to one of the most fun factions in Extended! I would agree with @JBFancourt on this one, title is better by a long shot then the Moffster. Ciena Ree is good, but one thing I would be wary of is planning on coordinating every turn. The dial of the Lambda is so bad that you’ll find yourself taking a red move (or getting blocked) that an action will not be feasible. Especially with a speedy small-based ship like the gunboat, which wants to separate from its overbearing parent and dance around the battlefield like a ballerina with a gun hopped up on caffeine. Other than that looks pretty good, man!
  9. Thank you everyone for your help! Every one of you helped me make up my mind. Because of the power creep that was mentioned, it's probably a good idea not to try and play competitively and just play casually, keeping X-Wing as my sort of "competitive focus". From what I heard, though, it sounds like an amazing casual game. I'm excited to start playing soon! One more question: if I buy two core sets for value and troopers, would people want to buy an extra Luke or Vader on a site like eBay (or might I ever want two?) Thanks again to all of you!
  10. Yeah, no, I didn’t NEED it to work, just thought it would be fun. Turns out being destroyed isn’t fun. But thanks for the insight 🙂 And yeah, Vader is great with such a maneuverable ship! He can get arc nearly every turn if you play him right.
  11. This is going to be a weird thread. Being an X-Wing player, and owner of a bit of much-loved Armada, I’ve been eyeballing Legion for quite some time now. I am really in the fence whether as to take the plunge and buy a core set, for X reasons: 1) It looks pretty fun. Unique in the systems that it combines, and a war game, which I really enjoy. 2) It looks fairly expensive. When I first started playing X-Wing, I looked at the low single ship prices and thought “oh, that’s not too bad”. It actually wasn’t, because I really dislike flying swarms, but Legion looks more expensive per unit + more units needed to field a merely competent army = overall higher costs. I don’t know if I’m willing to do that. 3) I suck at painting, and I don’t want to pay double the cost of what I bought my unit for to have them all painted. That’s reasonable, right? Having none of the tools I need for painting, I don’t know... A possible solution is to coat them all in a single-colored primer so they’re somewhat thematic and not awful (i.e white for stormtroopers, brown for rebel troopers, black for Vader, etc). 4) There’s not really a Legion scene at a gaming store near me, so play would be relegated to my two friends that also like miniatures/strategy games (although I’m fairly sure that they wouldn’t buy anything, we each have our own niche games that we own and the others play with) 5) I already sort of have a trooper war game to play? My friend owns a large amount of 40k models, so we play that occasionally. I’m not very good at it though, because I can’t practice, and that means it’s fun to play, but a bit futile. Despite all of this, Legion has been nagging me for a long time. Why do you guys play it? What makes it special or unique for you, and what has made you stay with it and not move onto another wargame?
  12. But the SBP with seasoned navigator out-aces a vulture swarm
  13. Fair point, this. Maybe it’ll be part of a redemption list 😉
  14. I don’t know how I’m going to help you beat Boba Fenn, @JBFancourt, but I can confirm one thing... This list sucks. -Vizier (45) -Rexler (92) •Juke (7) •Ion Missiles (4) -Lieutenant Kestal (63) •Juke (7) •Fifth Brother (11) •Stealth Device (6) •Barrage Rockets (8) Yes, it was stupid, and I found that out very quickly after being devoured alive by ****ing LEHUSE Seriously, stay away from aggressors
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