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  1. For example in the Masked Ball second encounter, you don't place monsters until the door is open. But do you need to show players what kind of monsters they will face in the room at the very start of the encounter? Or you can pick whatever you like the very moment the door is opened.
  2. Hi. We've just started playing this game and I'm a bit confused. In The Masquerade Ball, second Encounter - you are supposed to place the monsters only after a hero steps into the room - what if there is not enough space for monsters? Like the second room only four by four, meanwhile we are playing with four heros and I would like to put two Shadow Dragons there. The problem is that there is an heroic ability, which teleports hero within four spaces, so he can tp to the middle of the room and the dragons simply won't fit. Am I supposed to put second dragon in a neiboring room or something?
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