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  1. Hello @Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun! I do not live in NY - I'm actually from the United Kingdom! Just to keep my potential players updated: I've changed the rule system to 2nd Edition Revised & Expanded, due to most of the people messaging me having this version of the 30th Anniversary one. I've also filled the Force-Sensitive space for the game, and have added two players to the board (one has their sheet up, the other will be doing so soon). My current aim is to have the game moving by the end of the week, though I'd ideally like to have four players before I do so. If need be, I can always begin the game will less and round out my player roster towards the end of the first adventure segment. Can everyone who messaged me with interest get their things to me as soon as possible, please.
  2. Hello all! I'm in the process of starting up a Star Wars 30th Anniversary game on one of the sites I found from links here - roleplayinggames.net. I'd like to open recruitment up to people here as well as on the aforementioned site, until I fill my 4-6 player quota. Ideally, I'd like players who like not only to interact with the world, characters, and each other, but also those who like to keep posts detailed and of decent length (so no one-liners!). Post if there's any interest, and we can get to discussing options.
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