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  1. Awsome work! I love your Mercenaries!
  2. Hello everybody, hope you're alright! Well, I'm planing on doing a little proyect. I was thinking it'll be cool to write and make some side missions for character that could play on both sides. The first character tha pop in to mind, are: Dr Aphra Black Krrsantan The Mandalorian IG 11 Iden Versio I know there are more, but i can't think of them right now. This are all characters that thematically could play for both sides. An example would be: If the empire wins the side mission for IG 11, then story wise, it'll be something like: As the rebels barely scape, they capture IG 11, and tell him he is free as long as he captures the remaining rebels. If the rebels win, they see how the empire takes down IG 11, but they recover the droid's body, and they reprogrammed it, so he would help them. I'll love to hear what you guys think. This is still on alpha. It's in develop, so we as a community can build it up little by little.
  3. Hello there everybody, hope you're alright! I've made a Deployment (and planing to make a figure) for everybodys favorite (canon) Droid: Mr Bones! Here's a preview, but i'll love if you could give me your opinions or general idea on this deployment. Anyways, thanks!
  4. I mean, you are technically correct, but I wouldn't mind an actual campain in app, for HotE
  5. Hey it's an awsome job. I only have two question: With Squad Tactics does the trooper figure get only one move, or he gets to move as d¿far as it's speed number? Also, and I guess you did it on purpose, but the two dice is just like a normal stormtrooper, but I guess is because he isn't better at combat than a regular trooper, he would play more as an organizer. Still, more die combos are always fun. But anyways, great stuff! PS: You could keep this stand as an regular Stromtrooper Sergeant, and do a Elite version with like a 6 or 7 cost and like 8 or 9 base health.
  6. Hello! I'm using Zbrush to do the sculping, I've had some good progress, and for the printer I'm going to send them to a profesional printer!
  7. If any one else has or knows someone that has already tried this before me, we could get together. The plan is doing it for free. Let all the minis be printable for anybody!
  8. I'm about to embark on a journey! I'm going to try and sculpt some of the Minis for the game (right now my goal is IG-88 and Ahsoka). Anyways, thought it may be something worth sharing. I hope I can grasp the task ahead. If the results are worth it, would any of you like to have the models for 3D printing? Thanks!
  9. It's a really attack and run skirmish, at least when we played it, it was like, you want and need to attack but you need to make a run for it! I actually like the laser one more, makes all those push figures and command cards really worth it. I usually play it with two lasers, so the hole hall is a death zone. I move the terminal that's in the hall. Makes it more detructive, and really makes those figures that are on the terminal really expendable.
  10. Hello, it's supposed to be on play at the end of a round (forgot to put it there). And the arrows (action) are counted for the Droid prototype. Think of it this way, if you are next to a terminal at the end of around, you get and extra deployment (that has it's own set of actions and rules); yet if your enemy also control a terminal, he may control the exact droid as you, so he can make it attack you, ore move. And the way you choose (in the case that the two terminals are being activated) which player controls the droid first: It's the player with the initiative token.
  11. I for one I'm happy for the raids and the app. I just started playing IA this year, if it was truly dead, well I wouldn't have known this great comunity and a wouldn't have get so invested in it. For me it's not dead, it growing. Also, I'm really hopefull and be on the look out for a camapain for HotE, cause, that the only expansion I own, which in itself is quite Ironic. 😂😂
  12. Hello! I've made a custom "fix" or just a new take on the instruction of this mission, because, I never really got what was the point of moving the droid, or the point of the droid all together. I seem more like a gimmick. It could of been as easy as: Control a terminal and at the end of the round get 8 vps. More than a fix it a new take on the hole Droid idea. And just to clarify, yes if one player is in one terminal and the other player is in the other terminal, they both can move the same droid give in it, a kind of traitorous behavior.
  13. You are toattally right, I really didn't put those two ideas together. Thank you
  14. Hello! I was ready the instructions on this skirmish mission, and I wonder why is this there: Each player who has 1 or more bounty hunters. How can you have more than one Bounty hunter, if you choose a bounty hunter before setup, and isn't that when you choose your deployment cards? Anyways, thank you.
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