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  1. Wasn't there recently news about an entire shipment of product damaged, that was going to push back new releases, in terms of months? Perhaps this is related?
  2. That is how we've handled it so far (about a dozen games). But every time, the 3rd party wants to shot into the melee claiming "I don't care who I hit". So I figured that I'd throw it out here & see if anyone has dealt with it or had some good idea for it.
  3. Good morning all, My twin sons & I have gotten into 3-way Scrimmage Battles. Obviously modifying the rules slightly is simple enough, but a few items have come up to question... Should it be alright to fire into a melee fight between the other 2 teams? Assuming the reason one would not fire into a melee, is the fear of hitting your own teammates. But what about when all involved in the melee are enemies? And how would you handle damage distribution? Example: Rebel Wookies & Chewbacca are engaged in melee with Republic Clones & Captain Rex. Separatist Count Dooku approaches the melee & opens up with his lightning attack. Should the damage be distributed evenly between all engaged units? Dooku then engages into the melee & lightsaber attacks only the adjacent unit? Thoughts? Or any questions on how we handle other rules when it comes to a 3-way Battle?
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    <SMACK SELF IN THE HEAD> So... I was missing something, hahahaha
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    Am I missing something? It's all laid out in the updated Rules:
  6. So far, I only play Rebels. But I have an Imperial Army too. I've started building a Republic Army. But my 11 year sons play Clones & Droids. So I'm buying craploads of Legion Stuff <frown>
  7. I'm not necessarily looking for the different Factions having completely different strengths & tactical strategies (like a potential difference between the Empire & the First Order). I see the different factions being more about the desire to field a preferred Army. Rather than having the option of fielding between two armies, players could essentially field their favorite of 7 or 8 (or more) armies.
  8. Nope, I've not made anything on Thingiverse, but I'll check it out. Perhaps ideas or scatter?
  9. I like that idea. I originally nixed the idea, as the interiors would be massive. But I suppose a smaller area is doable.
  10. Galactic Empire Commanders Darth Vader General Veers Emperor Palpatine Imperial Officer Director Orson Krennic Iden Versio ID10 Operatives Boba Fett (Multiple Factions) Bossk (Multiple Factions) Darth Vader (Operative) Agent Kallus Core Units Stormtroopers Snowtroopers Shoretroopers Special Forces Scouts Troopers Scout Troopers (Strike Team) Imperial Royal Guards Imperial Death Troopers Support Units 74-Z Speeder Bikes E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Dewback Rider Heavy Units AT-ST TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank ITT Imperial Troop Transport Galactic Republic Commanders Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Captain Rex Yoda Anakin Skywalker Jedi Knight Clone Captain Operatives R2-D2 (Multiple Factions) C-3PO (Multiple Factions) Ahsoka Tano Clone Commander Cody Chewbacca (Multiple Factions) Core Units Phase I Clone Troopers Phase II Clone Troopers Gungan Warriors Special Forces ARC Troopers Wookie Warriors (Multiple Factions) Support Units BARC Speeder AT-RT Heavy Units TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank Rebel Alliance Commanders Luke Skywalker Leia Organa Han Solo Rebel Officer Jyn Erso Cassian Andor K-2SO Operatives Chewbacca (Multiple Factions) Sabine Wren Luke Skywalker (Operative) R2-D2 (Multiple Factions) C-3PO (Multiple Factions) Core Units Rebel Troopers Fleet Troopers Rebel Veterans Ewok Warriors Special Forces Rebel Commandos Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) Wookie Warriors (Multiple Factions) Rebel Pathfinders Support Units AT-RT 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team Tauntaun Riders Heavy Units T-47 Airspeeder X-34 Landspeeder Separatist Alliance Commanders General Grievous Count Dooku Viceroy Nute Gunray Operatives Jango Fett Darth Maul Asajj Ventress Core Units B1 Battle Droids B2 Super Battle Droids Special Forces Commando Droids Mandalorian Death Watch Support Units Droidekas STAP Patrol Heavy Units AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank The Resistance (New Faction) Commanders Rey “Skywalker” Poe Dameron Resistance Officer Operatives Chewbacca (Multiple Factions) Finn Zorii Bliss Rose Tico BB-8 R2-D2 (Multiple Factions) C-3PO (Multiple Factions) Core Units Resistance Troopers Special Forces ??? Support Units ??? Heavy Units ??? The First Order (New Faction) Commanders Kylo Ren General Hux Captain Phasma First Order Officer Operatives Commander Pyre Core Units First Order Stormtroopers Flametrooper First Order Snowtroopers Special Forces Knights of Ren First Order Raiders Sith Troopers Support Units ??? Heavy Units First Order AT-ST Scum & Villiany (New Faction) Commanders Jabba the Hutt Hondo Ohnaka Operatives Boba Fett (Multiple Factions) Bossk (Multiple Factions) Core Units Weequay Pirates Special Forces Nightsisters Coven Support Units ??? Heavy Units Pirate Speeder Tank This is my ongoing list of what I'd like to see, I'm continually adding to it.
  11. Happy New Year All, With my sons jumping wholeheartedly into their Clone Wars Legion Armies, we've been heavily checking out the units & what's coming. I noticed that both the Republic & Separatist Tanks have bases suggesting that they'll be able to strafe (with notches on the sides as well as front & back). My question is, "Has anyone seen anything suggesting that new Premium Bases will be released with notches at 12, 3, 6, & 9 o'clock?" I've started building my Clone Army on the Premium Bases, but I'll want all units on those.
  12. Sorry if this has been brought up previously, I couldn't find anything. Will we get a Republic/Clone AT-RT? After all, this is the only place I've ever seen the AT-RT used (Clone Wars Series & Battlefront 2). I assume that it's implied the Rebels have re-purposed Clone War Era AT-RT's.
  13. I figured the midway ones could shift up/down to the ramps leading to the center.
  14. I hear you Snuffy. While I will continue to work out this concept, I think I'll also try something like that. Bring more of the fight indoors.
  15. I think the main building (with interiors would be the highest), the center probably 3 to 4 inches lower, then the remaining 4 platforms around 2 to 3 inches below that. Possibly the same level as the catwalk around the center platform. I do like the idea of printing this out to test play on.
  16. I based all my Legion Mini's for an Endor/Forest map. But wanting to try something different for The Clone Wars. I'm going to use the FFG Premium Bases for all minis this time. My thoughs for some map/table ideas have been geared toward Ship Interiors, etc., but have decided to begin with a Kamino table, based on the Battlefront II Kamino Map. I started laying out a 6ft X 3ft map, trying to work out how deployment areas would work. From this first design, I plan to widen the bridge from the side platforms, so that 4" based Units, like the AT-ST could be used. Then the (2) large corners will include an interior area. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  17. Was thinking that Chewbacca & the Wookie Warriors should be able to assist the Rebels as well as the Republic. Possibly see the Emperor lead the Empire or the CIS?
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