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  1. Thanks for your reply Sadgit. This is very interesting information.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply Sadgit. This provides me with a dilemma though, we often allow eachother (Heroes and OL) to rollback and make small corrections when either of us forgets something. So on one hand in Step 2 I don't want to remind the hero player that he has the Heavy Cloak and he is able to cancel a surge... and on the other hand in Step 4 I would allow the hero to exhaust to cloak when he had "forgotten" it previously in Step 2:)
  3. So I ran into a discussion yesterday. I was attacking a Hero that has the Heavy Cloak equipped, with a cave spider. I had a surge and the target was already poisoned, so the only good thing to do was to use the surge for damage. The Hero player used his Heavy Cloak to cancel it, so I played a Dark Might (to add one surge). Then the hero players said that I could not trigger the gained surge to deal extra damage, as I already "triggered" that ability (on the surge that got cancelled) and on their weapons they can only use surge abilities once as well. Is that the correct way to play? Anyway... we played on and to not loose the effects of the extra surge from Dark Might, I played Critical blow for +3. What would be the normal timing to use the Heavy Cloak and Dark Might? In Step 2 after rolling dice or in Step 4 spend surges?
  4. So I have a question about how the shop items are generated, I have no idea how it is exactly coded. So you have a pool with items and based on your fame, better items are added to the pool and lesser items are removed from the pool. The more your fame rises, the better the gear is. Does anyone have some insight on how the items from the pool are drawn? Is it like 5 (or more) totally randomly generated items, or are there like specific slots? So for example always one trinket and two weapons will show up? I believe/feel it is totally random, but if anyone has had a look at the code, that would be interesting... Thanks.
  5. Interesting mod, not being able to travel to town is also one of my group annoyances. But I think it's a balance feature, either get gold or buy gear not both.
  6. Yes I had the same issue, after finishing 2 side quests on a late night, we quickly went to town, to see what gear options there were on the market. We made some notes on the gear options, then closed the app and packed the game components. On our next playthrough we had prepared what we want to buy and sell and wanted to do the upgrading before starting the next campaign quest. So that rather sucked, none of the gear was there, empty market. We decided to just play on (undergeared) and not waste a week waiting. We learned our lesson for the next time, decide on gear first before closing. I understand that the gear should not get rerolled after every start-up, but removing the previous available gear is no fun for the time constrained.
  7. I think it could be really interesting to rework this Hidden condition into the Stealthy mechanic, sneak attacks seem really thematic. Not sure about the IA mechanics, but perhaps Hidden monsters should be out of line of sight and then you can include the Thief's "Sneaky" skill into the condition, to add +1 damage instead of that surge. Another idea is to have Stealthy monsters not be targetable at all by ranged attacks (unless they are within 2-3), about the same mechanics but more thematic. If you rework it to effectively remove the Stealthy condition after the first attack, I think some monsters need a defense bonus. Namely Dark Elves, their defense is already Terrible. I think I would like them to have an ability, that costs an action (Shadowmeld), that allows them to sneak back in the shadows and become Stealthy again. Allowing for more hit and run tactics. Something like "if there is no Hero it's LOS/Within 5 spaces, this monster may slip into the shadows and become Stealthy". Some kind of other bonus from attacking when Stealthed also seems nice, like a stun, damage over time effect or extra backstab damage when attacking from behind:)
  8. Hmm minus range could still work within melee, but then it at least needs to be -3 or -4 range to have any effect. Much like the stealthy monster passive skill. There are already a few surge requiring mechanics out there, but I am not a big fan of it. Perhaps something more like the Nightstalker ability of the Master Barghest, or just a passive defense bonus.
  9. Hmm, I have not read through your Dark Forest content yet, so I don't know for what theme you are going and if you want to reflect that in your character design or not. Annie reminds me of the same named girl from League of Legends. She has a summon pet skill. Your flavour text seems to indicate she is a wolf, perhaps you can go in the direction of shapeshifting? Sazalamel's Heroic looks really strong, teleporting all heroes near you? I have not played all campaigns yet, but I think it would break quests like "Saradyn in Flames" (HoB). Not sure what to say about the D3 Crusader. As a Warrior she has a Healer Heroic feat (Ispher/Avric/...) which is a bit odd, but not bad as it kinda fits with the Paladin theme. Something feels wrong but not sure what. Perhaps it's the standing up HA, there is already a lot of defeat/standup interaction with the warrior classes skill cards, I feel she could use something more unique as HA. Ability would work awesome with the Skirmisher "Back in Action" and Knight "Stalwart" Skill. She'd also make a great Marshal with her high Knowledge. Eneal looks nice, Grey Ker with a twist, I like it!
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