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  1. A related question I have is what kind of schedule are the planning when it comes reprinting old books? I was underemployed when I first discovered the system and was slow at buying product. I'm finally doing better financially and am wanting to improve my library.
  2. Going back to the original question, WEG actually had a Languages skill, and if I were running Star Wars under that system, I would use that skill, but under FFG, it would use either Kno: Core Worlds or Kno: Outer Rim for species that the characters might have come across while traveling. Kno: Xenology or Kno: Education for languages that the characters might have picked up through study, and Kno: Xenology for languages that has to picked up entirely by practice, and I would modify the die roll based on the characters' background and what I actually need for the story.
  3. I've been putting together a Discord channel for running and playing a multitude TTRPG's including Star Wars, and I'm currently have a GM who is running games of Roll20. I'm wanting to do a thing where I will be attempting to run various systems, but for real life reasons, that plan is on hold. We are still small, and I am still working out the bumps of administrating a Discord channel, but if you don't mind connecting with amateurs and you have a Discord account, I could send you an invitation to the channel.
  4. I'm trying to use the editor to add some custom species I have discovered while exploring this site. (The creator is a member of this community, and I'd give him due credit, but I have a lousy memory for names.) Anyway, I am currently working a species called an Abednego. It's stat block looks like the following. I figured out how to add the skill rank, but I haven't figure out who to do the Sensory Tendrils so that they will show up at the correct place when creating a character for the species. Is there a tutorial available for us slower users that offers examples to follow? WT 10+Brawn, ST 10+Willpower 110 XP 1 rank in Knowledge-Xenology Sensory Tendrils: Remove setback for lighting conditions
  5. I've thought for some time that the Corporate Sector would be an excellent in-universe setting for to run cyberpunk inside Star Wars. I've ran across free PDF's of the old WEG material online that I hope is legal to download. Also, there were some Han Solo novels that featured the sector that the game material is based upon. I'm not sure how easy it would be find the books, though.
  6. I love puns and hiding Easter eggs in my characters and stories, and frankly, I like the direction you are taking my idea.
  7. The Elrood Sector stuff, Lords of the Expanses, and Black Sands of Socorro. Tales of the Jedi and Pirates would be cool also. I would also like to see suggestions for converting some of the old templates into FFG.
  8. If there aren't any copyright issues involved, I'd be for seeing some old WEG stuff reprinted in an official FFG format. It's something I plan to do for myself anyway, but I wouldn't mind farming that out to professional game designers.
  9. Is there any way of saving characters and such as either Doc or PDF files that can be easily shared online. I can see how a character can be saved as an XML file, which isn't horrible, and I can see where you can print out a character sheet for a character, also not horrible, but it would be more convenient, right now, if it were possible to save everything into a compute file. Thanks in advance!
  10. I am toying around with starting to game on Roll20 and using the Edge of the Empire Beginner Box as my first attempt. Does anyone have any experience trying to run it on Roll20? If so, I would appreciate some pointers and short cuts that I could use to make it easier on me.
  11. So far, all I have is the Edge of the Empire Core Book, and I am a long ways from having everything I want, and from looking at the list of available books, I don't see any holes that genuinely needs filled; so, no new material for a while is no problem to me; so, I hope the old stuff will be available for a while.
  12. In WEG there's an actual Languages skill you can roll to determine if the player understands a language. You could probably use education, xenology, core worlds, or outer rim skill check as it seems appropriate.
  13. This saddens me, especially since I am not in a financial position to start gobbling up the books I want and don't know if I will be before they start disappearing entirely. I do however like to keep things on the bright side. I do have The Edge of the Galaxy. It might only cover one part of what's available in the Star Wars universe, but it is a big part. I could have a ton of good roleplaying with just that book. Also, I have a character generator that gives me clues as to what the other books have, and my current GM has a large number of books. With time and effort, I could extrapolate a lot of what I don't have well enough for my own purposes. Besides, I still have my WEG Star Wars books with which I can use to cover ideas that can't be covered by FFG. On top of that, Star Wars is the only game I am interested in running or playing. There are so many games to choose from right now that this is a golden age for gamers, and with the option of online gaming options available, you aren't even limited to the tastes of your local community. Regardless of what you are into, it is possible to find a gaming group that meets your tastes and needs.
  14. Personally, there are some of my old WEG products that I would like to see translated into official FFG products like the Elrood, Tapani, and Corporate Sector. I also really liked Pirates and Privateers and Black Sands of Socorro, and I am sure that a lot old school players have their own favorites.
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