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  1. Hey guys. I need a bit of help with my fleet, as I am relatively new to Armada (actually I've first played wayyy back, but only very few games). This is different for me, so I kinda need your input, more so on the playstyle than the build. This is because we actually ran out of ships, and no stores where I live have anymore to sell. So yes, Ideally I'd want an ISD, but given that not even Ebay or Amazon have them (or is able to ship them soon enough), I am stuck with my VSD from the Core Set. So anyways, given that this is to replace a retired fleet, the rest of my teammates already claimed a bunch of the good unique squadrons, I don't have much choice either. Basically Dengar, maybeeee Mauler? IG-88 or IG-88B, but have to wait to see if anyone from my team has the expansion for its base. Dengar was actually given to me a long time ago, that's why I juat randomly have access to him.https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/
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