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  1. Oh the RPG was never really in the devs' motivation, it was more an afterthought, an opportunity they took to expand on their CCG sales. So they never really tried to develop its lore as coherent Rokugan and its power balance in lore was defined by the official CCG tournaments' winners. Hence the need they had to find an excuse to remove the previous tournaments winners factions from power in lore and regularly killing old characters so new ones could be sold, which they solved by inventing a cosmic menace nearly every tournament That can work for a CCG. But then try to create a logical RPG setting out of it... Not really very manageable. Hence the RPG lore quickly became a mess
  2. A lot of old gamers aren't actually that dissatisfied with FFG getting the license and resetting the universe. The old RPG/CCG with an apocalypse and lore change every tuesday to account for the CCG tournaments prizes and the frankly stupid directions marketing & the story group were regularly taking the game due to need to sell new cards & blatant story group favoritism were pretty tiring unfortunately with the reset, some good things were inevitably lost too
  3. I chalk it up to the recurring problem of changing editions and owner They don’t dare change too many things lest the older eds grognards go « they changed it so it sucks » and they fear to lose a segment of their customer base
  4. Yeah, well, the 1st ed game is old now and it’s a remnant of 80es near total ignorance of Asian cultures at the time (no internet back then) so nowadays the Asian fantasy kitchen sink remnants wick injected in his design sound like hilarious weeaboo stuff
  5. There's currently no clue in the rpg or ccg if the lying darkness is still a thing that exists. A few ominous in character mentions here & there in the creation myth & ishiken inversions but nothing concrete rule-wise So rather than mentioning it for the sakura family, you could just say they have a pointed interest in ninjas and their strange powers, that's how they started with the kitsuki diary in previous eds
  6. Iirc, it’s the equivalent of a discreet pocket parachute
  7. they occasionally do already while most TCG pictures show people in their clan colors to make their ID more obvious, there ARE pictures of clan members in different colors, here's 2 for example: https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Daidoji_Enai https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Hira
  8. Ninjawear is a bad example anyway because it has absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever and ninja movies tend to color code for convenience (what's recognized as ninjawear is really an adaptation of the outfit japanese puppet theater stagehands wear)
  9. Well that might be due to an earlier ed stating otherwise, L5r canon did evolve. But as mentioned the last ed before this one stated ubiquitous masks when the scorpions want to announce they’re scorpions
  10. CRB & EE give only basic information on the clans compared to the descriptions in the books so far
  11. I don’t know about current lore (gotta wait until there’s a scorpion book for that I think), but 4th ed « great clans » book spells it clearly : « all scorpion samurai wear masks at all times » regardless of family (page 207, scorpion masks side note)
  12. after a (quick) search into the subject, I could find no animal associated with death in japanese mythology, and the supernatural beings associated with it (izanami, enma and the shinigami) don't have any animal associated with them the closest to the subject I could find was... the butterfly. it is associated with the soul (of the dead and living) in japanese culture
  13. considering he's a guardian of boundaries in the underworld, and the koumori (bat shapeshifters) take it upon themselves to guide/protect the dead in the previous eds' lore, shouldn't the bat be considered for his spirit animal?
  14. Tbh I wouldn’t allow it this seems to go counter to RAI. I would maybe, MAYBE allow it for a rank 6 swordsman instead of using the mastery ability since it would be somewhat in tune with what they were going for but not earlier Occam’s razor about the rules : way of the dragon forbids you using your 2nd weapon for an attack action, twin stream activates for attack action, ergo you’re trying to use your 2nd weapon as a part of an attack action, which is forbidden that’s how I interpret it
  15. ^ this is the only rule reference existing droids and heavily modified cyborgs take less strain damage iirc, and there’s always the pilot suit from SoT
  16. In older eds after the plot advanced, the lords eventually worked with Emma-o and were more or less accepted as fortunes in the rokugani religion iirc edit: Checked the l5r wiki, they eventually become minor fortunes having a tense working relationship with Emma-o after a stint on fu leng’s side
  17. kensai is really a title of honor that can be applied to any master sword wielder so long as they're recognized so clan is more or less irrelevant to it. some clans will give more respect to its bearer that's all the association with the lion is because in earlier eds they had a kensai path (class)
  18. not really, they speak of reprinting the core rulebook, GM kit & starter kit but they're vague about when
  19. no need to, I'm french to summarize your 2nd link, it only talks about translating the current existing books in french, there's literally nothing about new books in the works
  20. he's... slightly right both shows were independant from each others, except from the episode that includes force heal, which was aired specifically before tros theatrical release so that force heal in the movie wasn't seen as a narrative *ss pull for those that don't know about legends and weren't aware the power has existed for a while
  21. canon book secrets of the jedi stated that the inquisitorius was disbanded in 2 BBY, and palpatine being the trusting being he is seems unlikely to keep a lot of former jedi schooled in the dark side around alive as for cloning, currently apart from palpy himself with help from sith alchemy, there's no indication that one can clone a force sensitive baby yoda is more likely to have been taken either by the empire or its remnants, palpy & dooku tried the kidnapping force sensitive babies during the clone wars & the jedi were really vigilant afterwards
  22. He means creating specs focused on melee and brawl skills which depend on braw’ But with a talent that allows the use of another attribute like niman allowing lightsaber +will instead of lightsaber + brawn rolls I think
  23. So, a history of ultratraditionalism, part of radical movement, of HOUSE viszla and not clan given that the outer rim as a whole has a history of not being especially well informed about happenings of the galaxy (Jedi were mostly rumors even during the republic), that current story is happening toward the ot planets that canonically are on the opposite side of the galaxy from the mando sector, the accuracy of rumours concerning all mandos is dubious
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