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  1. canon book secrets of the jedi stated that the inquisitorius was disbanded in 2 BBY, and palpatine being the trusting being he is seems unlikely to keep a lot of former jedi schooled in the dark side around alive as for cloning, currently apart from palpy himself with help from sith alchemy, there's no indication that one can clone a force sensitive baby yoda is more likely to have been taken either by the empire or its remnants, palpy & dooku tried the kidnapping force sensitive babies during the clone wars & the jedi were really vigilant afterwards
  2. He means creating specs focused on melee and brawl skills which depend on braw’ But with a talent that allows the use of another attribute like niman allowing lightsaber +will instead of lightsaber + brawn rolls I think
  3. So, a history of ultratraditionalism, part of radical movement, of HOUSE viszla and not clan given that the outer rim as a whole has a history of not being especially well informed about happenings of the galaxy (Jedi were mostly rumors even during the republic), that current story is happening toward the ot planets that canonically are on the opposite side of the galaxy from the mando sector, the accuracy of rumours concerning all mandos is dubious
  4. The tribe is a small group that may not be representative of the surviving mandos as a whole Given that the tribe is post mandalore massacre, them evolving their traditions to hyperfocus on preserving their culture isn’t far fetched, especially considering that flashbacks suggest they were part of already radical deathwatch during the clone wars. So while unusual, it’s not unbelievable
  5. To fall back on current canon defenders were thrawn ´s pet project. Their only facility was on lothal before it was destroyed and the planet lost, before the beginning of the rpg timeline rebels showed only one going vs x-wings and it was the upgraded elite version suggested by Vader in its last season , it was indeed superior but that’s the elite version I suggest the defenders in the rpg are downgraded versions the imperials created from previous plans saved which don’t have all the tech that makes the true defenders powerhouses due to missing data and cost cutting
  6. Favreau and filoni are at the helm of the mandalorian and have a history of paying attention to lore, story, continuity and references to legends so while everything might not be set in stone, it’s likely they have it planned in broad strokes at least
  7. He seems a little underdeveloped for a 5 year old, not speaking and having very toddler like behaviour so I surmise the specie ´s year equivalence is much higher than 5 to 1
  8. Yoda’s Specie is the least described even in old lore due to lucas himself’s instructions, it doesn’t even have a name but yoda’s specie so anything about the baby’s anything is total speculation
  9. as a note: jedi and the force had already become a myth to nearly everyone byt the time of the original trilogy (luke knowing nothing of them, most of the rebellion having heard only stories despite their leaders having actually worked with them, the imperials not even believing in the force despite working with Vader) so it's really an original Lucas decision and they're rolling with it
  10. Has anyone ever tried a pong krell type dual saberstaff wielder ? I have been tempted but never tried yet. Does it perform well enough if anyone tried it?
  11. Corruption is a culture in the empire military you can easily throw in a faction of navy officers abusing their power to transport the drug on imperial ships (the empire doesn’t do everything with its star destroyers, it has gozanti, shuttles, transports, etc...) throw in the rebellion doing their thing unaware of the smuggling (or aware, they’re moral so they aren’t especially happy with spice trade unless they don’t have any other choice) and you can have a 4 sides battle and potential allies and story hooks (they prefer to use rebel converts but aren’t against using unaffiliated mercs if they have to, just mercs usually decline due to opposition being the empire)
  12. Just 2 really unless you house ruled you can use 2 crystals per dual saber and not really, the dual saber is listed as a two hands weapon independently of its encumbrance. RAW you gotta go pong krell to dual wield saberstaves
  13. This isn’t asokha, the actress in the trailer is a different one than the one rumoured to play our orange padawan It’s kind of making the buzz right now because some people complained about the asokha actress from the trailer while she wasn’t even in it
  14. Very good but it’s more complex than what you wrote the crab and crâne relationship for example is complicated by the yasuki family switching clan while they maintain lots of respect for the daidoji family and their iron warriors who are among the few in the empire to serve on the wall with them so your chart should only be used in broad general terms the crane and the Phoenix are usually friendly due to the bridge that is the asahina family. Founded by a former Phoenix and completely pacifist
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