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  1. Just curious, as the title says, has anyone else ever tried Elder Sign: Omens? It's a video game version of the regular tabletop Elder Sign game, and it's actually really good. Naturally it's not the same as rolling dice for real, nothing is. but the game is incredibly faithful to the real version. It does change some things up, it tailors the game a bit to which Elder God you're fighting and it's a much more cinematic experience, but the mechanics are 100% intact. I was impressed. We played it for a gaming channel I'm part of as one of our Halloween games, the video of which should be up this evening so if anybody is interested in seeing it played, let me know and I'll post the link when it goes live. uc browser shareit appvn Does anyone know of any other tabletop games that had a good video game version? This one is definitely the best I've seen.
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