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  1. I totally agree. The attack pool of wookies is missing some keyword. They should have Pierce/ram .... Or even the suppressive keyword for melee. It should make sense
  2. Wookies are not made to fight (even in close combat, I am very sorry to say that). They are designed to take and hold an objectif even, or recover some supplies and run. There value reside in the quantity of wounds they can absorb and there ability to keep two actions even under fire to run faster... Among the units that can win victory point on every mission, wookies is one of the most mobile one available for the rebels
  3. Not sure if they are overpriced. They seems to be overpriced only because the meta. Imperial bikes are very good when well handled. But imperial players do prefer gunlines. Same for the barc, x-34,t-47... Synergy with commanders and commanders cards are lower compare to trooper. But if you take each unit aside point values are good. Rebels walkers with flamers are great because troopers are flooding everywhere on the table. But I do think the original cost was ok when played against not so optimized army lists
  4. Hello. I see only one army of good guys But paint scheme of the other army is well design, specially for the BARC
  5. That is what we call a master piece of bunker
  6. +1 and not only veterans. IA is a good game to play. Not to say a good game you can play solo. And also a less frustrating game if only one player to play with as it is cooperative game. So.... Long life to both of these fantastics games
  7. One rebel specialists expension is enough I think. If you really want to use to astromech droids, better to get r2-d2 box for some extra coins
  8. I love your team! IA Ashoka is one of the finest from the IA range. As she is suppose to be an "adult" in IA, the difference of scale make her younger compare to SWL minis. That is perfect. Love your paintjob. So clean
  9. Thanks for sharing. I like this obi wan paintwork. Much more than the "stormtrooper" painted by Master Duncan, his stormies are too grey for me.
  10. So. What do you expect for the minis? I would have loved to get a maul with mechanical legs but... But no chance to get it. What about Anakin? I hope not one from episode 1 🤣
  11. Do not forget that now Luke brings 6 command cards with him
  12. Until the clone war era core box, ffg released mirrored units (trooper/trooper, operative/operative...). We have something similar for clone war era. But I can imagine later we can get "small faction" with much less units choice. And not following the main factions calendar. (Nightsisters, tuskens... Even if not all together as a scum faction) 40k is a good example of factions disparity. Some have so many differents units.... Some other.... Not so so... But they are played, and players are happy to do so
  13. On florrum Ho do for fight CIS with a troop equal to what we play in star Wars légion. Also in dathomir nightsisters raised an army to fight cis. Not million of clones but something bigger compare to what we love to push on the table and we call "legion"
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