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  1. Hi, Today I discussed with someone of my local community about the abilitie of Reclusive Zokujin. He says that in earth conflicts, it's possible to use Zokujin as a target (before the dash) with Shameful display and the player can first honor one of his character, but not by dishonoring Zokujin, this is possible by the change of on the board The exact text box of Zokujin says If this is like he says, a player could declare a duel against Zokujin but the card effect will be null. Maybe the question is a little dumd, but my question is not about the change of on the board. /* BASED ON EARTH CONFLICTS */ My question is about what is the limit of the words "enemy card effects"? the textbox before the dash is considered an effect? Zokujin is a valid target for enemy cards like shameful display, duels, textboxs before the dash? Thanks and regards PLARAC
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