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  1. And/or print them ! I tried Drivethrucards but still didn't figure out how to have them printed !
  2. Hi any2cards ! And you did all of them 😮 ! A big thank you again !
  3. Hello again, Thank you these backs ! The last thing I'll need is the condition cards back, do you also have this .png ? If not, I think I'll go for the front on both sides and it will be okay ! Thank you again for your help ! Bye !
  4. I know I ask a lot, but do you have skill/items etc. backs ? Thank you again
  5. Thank you for that sharing ! I was using templates shared on boardgamegeek, but your ressources are very useful to !
  6. Hello Kauperwood, and congratulations for this huge contribution. Where did you find your condition cards template ? (I can't find it anywhere) Would you mind sharing it with us ? (I'm making a "homebrew"/light Descent to play with gf, and I would like to add some of your condition cards, but I have to translate it because we're French). I also translated some of your items and thank you again for all that good stuff ! Thank you, Karrig
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