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  1. TedW

    Rouge Squadron

    Thanks a lot good sir! 😉
  2. TedW

    Rouge Squadron

    This is great 😄 By the way, what did you use to make that custom card? Is there a card generator somewhere for 2.0?
  3. Don't forget Z-95s with Deadman's Switch - jank power!
  4. The missile's target becomes the defender the moment you declare him as the target, so no, no matter which option the target chooses, the attack is still made and he's the defender for the entire resolution.
  5. Thank you, that's exactly what I've been looking for - much obliged!
  6. So a single Critical damage can trigger multiple Fuel Leaks at once?
  7. If I equip Stealth Device on a Fireball, would it get instantly deactivated the moment 'Explosion with Wings' triggers?
  8. Pardon the awful pun in the title... There's a real jank idea that's been in my head for quite some time, but I wanted to wait with it until all the cards for Fireball were spoiled to make sure the unreleased text didn't ruin the concept. Honestly, it sounds so silly and ridiculous that I'm not sure whether it won't actually work (ah, the beauty of jank), depending on the rest of the squad of course. Anyways, let's get right into it: Lightning Rod (29) R1-J5 [Fireball] (4) R5 Astromech (2) Deadman's Switch (6) Static Discharge Vanes (2) Kaz's Fireball Points: 43 Total points: 43 Funnily enough, it seems that FFG suspected this kind of thinking, given their recent SDV change to also deal damage to the user. Thankfully, we still can rely on R5 astromechs to fix it. What's the deal? Well, let me explain: Step 1 - Use 'Kaz's Fireball' ability to search your deck for a 'Disabled Power Regulator' card and assign it to yourself. Step 2 - SLAM your way into Range 0-1 of your chosen target, exposing the Disabled Power Regulator card (if you took other damage on the way, R1-J5 allows you to select what to expose). With Initiative 1 you can easily make sure you go where you want to go and maybe even block someone while doing so, just make sure to not get stressed. Step 3 - At your Initiative, if you haven't blown up yet, use Static Discharge Vanes to transfer your ion token to a chosen enemy ship; your Critical Hit remains unrepaired, so that you can keep ionizing someone later. Stick close to keep ion flow going (Fireball's dial is good enough for that) and to make sure your Dead Man's Switch goes off if you get attacked (a potential deterrent for the target's wingmen). Step 4 - In following rounds, use blue maneuvers to ditch stress and spend charges from R5 to repair excess damage from SDV; you can also use it to repair your Disabled Power Regulator card if you need to safely disengage. So... yeah, it's ridiculous but I have a hunch that in some casual games it would be funny (or possibly frustrating) to play this thing After all, constant ionization is quite a threat, and 43p for this setup means there's still a lot of room for actual heavy hitters that can capitalize on this. Thoughts?
  9. I second the sentiment, the dial and abilities are actually very different in practice and require very different approaches. Soontir seems faster and more agile, tailored to quick attack runs and flying around dodging arcs. Vonreg seems different in that while he can be outright fast, his strength seems to lie in very close-quarters knife fighting, can slow down and dance around a bit better than Soontir in those ranges, but he can't disengage that well nor be that flexible for wider high-speed repositioning. I'm sure more things will pop up after the official release, but so far I'm glad these ships are distinct enough, especially after my personal disappointment with Silencer being pretty much 'the same as TIE Interceptor but better', even with the copypasted trait and not a unique one (still does its job of course). So far so good I would say
  10. TedW

    T-85 X-Wings?

    Okay, let's put emotional aspects aside, since you made plenty of good points, and that's what I made the post for in the first place - to have a discussion. I by no means claim to be correct on the assumptions I made, and spreading misinformation is the furthest thing from what I meant to convey here. Yes, it's all theoretical assumptions and hardly any concrete facts, since we have very few sources on the matter, and the Resistance cartoon isn't very clear when it comes to judging actual ship capabilities given the artstyle they go for and the plot itself. Let's be fair, much like ARC-170s blowing up from a single cannon bolt in RotS, Vonreg failing to kill Kazuda is a pretty obvious case of story over logic (or simply plot armor), so let's take the presentation with a grain of salt. In regards to what you wrote: 1. That's a very fair point and I agree with that. My initial assumption was mostly based on one of the many unwritten tendencies when it comes to presenting starfighters in Star Wars (a space fantasy, not sci-fi), and let's be fair, the general rule of thumb is the larger a ship is, the less maneuverable and more sluggish it is. I did present it badly by putting speed and maneuverability in the same basket, so it's my bad for making my point unclear (I'll need to remember not to post on Friday work breaks, when the mind is longing for the weekend, heh). And no, T-85 has 4 thrusters, not 8. I have no idea where you got the 8 thruster mention, but I double checked the wiki page and it lists 4 thrusters - just as many as T-65s and T-70, only slightly more advanced. 2. Yes, I did in fact watch the whole scene, and you are right they're spinning around quite gracefully. However, the moment I was referring to wasn't the barrel rolls and ailleron rolls, but the sharp Tallon Roll (or was it a KTurn?) he made while covering the others' escape - at this points his ship was fully functional and only after the turn his engine was damaged. The whole turn along with the shot of Kazuda in the cockpit made it look like he was struggling to pull the ship around (possibly to the rapid decrease of speed) - hence my assumption, probably it's the exaggerated cartoon presentation that made the image stuck in my head. It's pretty subjective too, we have no point of reference to judge whether it was a quick or slow turn for a ship, and we will likely never know. If I were to assume whether it was made to show T-85s have difficulty turning or if it was made for the sake of presenting drama and intensity, I'd go for the latter - that's what the show seems to go for anyway, but as it stands, it's unclear at best. 3. You responded to a point I wasn't making. I don't question miniaturization and things like that, it's all fine and we've seen it plenty of times in Star Wars. The point I was making was there was no confirmation of torpedo inclusion beforehand (which I thankfully caught on later, since I didn't notice the guide's new information until after I've made the post - again, I'm not trying to mislead anyone, I quickly corrected myself). I've been checking the wiki a few times before in the past month and I clearly remember no mention of projectile launchers until today's visit, which is possibly why I was too hasty to skim over that particular update and omit that fact - my bad. 4. It doesn't have it listed, that's true. My assumption was based on FFG's approach to design - they often adapt the slightest mentions of things in the lore and make it work (like nantex' tractor array being that powerful or non-deltas having spare parts canisters). Whether Poe's joke was accurate or not, we can't be sure, we can only guess whether it was a part of technology that was issued along T-85s or if it was part of the joke too. That's what my loose idea was there for (again, a loose idea for possible inclusion, not a hard fact, although I may have gone too far to assume it to be a fact, my bad here) - to be in line with FFG's approach by making a cloaking device usable as a Tech for more ships. Whether FFG does that thing or not (I mean, a cloaking device might as well be a powerful sensor jammer for all we know), it remains to be seen and neither of us is right or wrong on this, it's simple theories as to what it could mean. And last but not least, a genuine thank you for the response (even if a bit heated^^), I really appreciate constructive discussions
  11. TedW

    T-85 X-Wings?

    The thing that got me wondering is, well, aren't T70s filling that gap already though? Good baseline stats, robust dial, some good pilots at I5 and I6 and optional ordnance for bigger punch or utility - it all sounds exactly like a superiority fighter to me, lacking perhaps 3 Agi and sharp 1 Turns. I can be wrong on that though, so I'm curious as to what everyone's qualifiers on that are
  12. TedW

    T-85 X-Wings?

    Since FFG seems eager to introduce Resistance ships into the game (the series I mean), I'm curious to hear if anyone here is looking forward to seeing T-85s someday, since, quite frankly, the more I think of it, the more problematic the ship might be. First off, we all know how T-65s and T-70s function, both being solid sturdy ships with plenty of neat pilots and a great balance of speed, firepower and durability. While the T-70 design was already showing the Disney mantra of 'the same as old but slightly better', the T-85 is described as being even better than the T-70 (*groan*). Unless FFG changes their approach to X-Wing dials and how S-Foils function, I doubt there would be much room to work with in terms of designing something fresh for a faction that already has something filling the gap, not to mention T-70 aces are already pretty expensive and putting them in an even better ship would make their point costs skyrocket. Then again, the TIE/ba ship is imho distinct enough from the TIE Interceptor and Silencer, so odds are if T-85s are going to be released, they won't be simply another upgrade of their predecessors (which is what I'm personally hoping for). Secondly, there is very little information about T-85s in the lore, hardly enough to design and flesh out a ship for a game about dogfighting. So far we know that: - they're performing much like T-70s but better, - move faster than RZ-1 A-Wings, - don't have ordnance slots as far as we know (an X-Wing without torps is a pretty awkward thing if you ask me) EDIT: My bad, some newly released book says they have proton torpedo launchers, so at least there's that. - can equip cloaking devices of some kind (EDIT: supposedly, depending on how reliable Poe's joke is on the matter and how FFG responds to it) All those stats combined, I would imagine the closest thing we would get is something akin to a Rebel E-Wing, with a 5 Straight move and maybe the Bank/Straight/Bank blues moved from 1 to 3, similarly to an N1 to reflect the supposed boost in speed. Basic statline of 3/2/4/3 seems appropriate, and further buffing durability of ships known for being quite durable would be a stretch imho. A cloaking device on a more agile X-Wing is asking for trouble in my opinion, so I doubt they would get a full-on cloak action without some drawback - personally I'd like to see a generic Tech upgrade without Faction restriction that would allow a ship to start Cloaked like Scimitar, but does not grant access to cloaking otherwise (2-5 points?). This way it would add some layer to planning and setting up an initial engagement for Tech factions, but wouldn't allow T-85s to do shenanigans like Phantoms do further in combat. What are your thoughts on the ship? Would it make sense for FFG to release yet another X-Wing? Sure that's the name of the game, but... yeah. Assuming they release it, what do you think the ship should look like to make it complement the faction and not compete for niches?
  13. @Watcher42 Balancing aside, i really like the creative approach to these. I'd definitely like to see more variety in wing leader abilities, especially if they reflect/complement/make up for certain advantages or weaknesses while staying true to the lore behind squardons
  14. As much as I can't see FFG making it happen (I guess they'd need to sell separate parts to mix and match), I'd effin' love to see uglies in the game in some form, just for the heck of it Varied configurations and maybe extra ugly-exclusive mods would be fun to see, emphasizing the 'make your own fighter from parts' theme, even though it is likely to be a bit difficult to keep track of everything, especially in a squad with these (I'd assume they would likely be cheap and pretty weakish overall, if we are to judge them lore-wise). Kudos for the idea!
  15. I feel you on managing work and depression struggles - be sure to take as much time as you need and not rush it The biggest reason Battlestar interested me is the fact many mechanics reminded me of several similar ideas I implemented in my big X-Wing system conversion for use in tabletop Star Wars RPG campaign. No system out there was appealing enough for me and since I knew X-Wing extensively, I decided to adapt some mechanics to make them usable in RPG-like combat encounters Apart from the new turn-based mechanic, the biggest similarity was possibly the implementation of Speed system, marked by a d6 die next to each miniature. There were no planning and revealing maneuvers steps, so each ship had a Speed stat, they could accelerate or decelerate by 1 to 2 points (the latter strained the ship, no change in Speed removed strain instead) and then the ship resolved a maneuver from their (now custom) dial matching current Speed. I noticed the same vibe of building up and managing momentum with Battlestar's kinetic energy system, so now I can't wait when the game ships to see how it works out in practice The altitude mechanic is also something I was going to implement, although the idea was to mark altitude with 1-3 pegs instead of a token (which probably would slow down the game by needing adjustments on a miniature each time). If I happen to have some determination to put the rules together (and they're massive, about 20 A4 pages scattered around in various files), I might someday post it here should people be interested in it^^ Although at the moment I'm mostly sticking with newer projects in hopes maybe something could be actually published in the future
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