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  1. Somewhere the designers stated that they use reprints to include effects they want that already exist and to make the deck thematic. In Black Widow's case, I imagine what happened is that they have already selected the new Justice cards they want to put in, the two preparation cards, Coulson, Quake, Stealth Strike. They put in the 3 basic double resource, a basic preparation card, and decide on Quincarrier to round out the Basics. At this point, they know they need 4 more Justice cards. They decide they want a support since they have Justice allies, upgrades, and an event. They also want to keep the cards in the deck spy themed. Their two choices are to make a new spy themed support (3 copies) and include another one of (probably an ally reprint like Jessica Jones) or use Surveillance Team and Interrogation Room which already fit what they are looking for. Perhaps they felt a new spy themed support would be redundant since those already exist. Whether you like getting reprints or not, it remains true that one hero pack opens up an entirely new deck type, which is different than both previous co op LCG's.
  2. Not to take away from the purpose of this post: Evan is actually not a designer but FFG's marketing director (for all their games not just this one). Caleb and Boggs definitely have the lead on this one, I know Nate French had a big hand in the base design system and then there have been some "guest" designers for different expansions like Matt Newman. It is a good team and they have done a good job!
  3. These are both extremely different games. The only reason they are ever compared is because of the IP, but they are entire different genres. The true comparison for Marvel Champions is Sentinels of the Multiverse.
  4. Most of the Marvel Champions announcement will likely be the 4 heroes that have already been leaked anyway. But maybe we will get another one thrown in!
  5. Espionage doesn't say cancel, so it doesn't cancel. You just draw 2.
  6. Releasing one product every month is their model, so this is no more rushed than any other LCG. In fact, some people were crying doom and gloom toward the beginning of the game because releases got pushed back a bit! October-July is 9 months. One product a month = 9 products. There have only been 8 released products because of COVID, so this is actually slower than was initially planned and is normal for the LCG model.
  7. Risky Business is definitely easier than Wrecking Crew. Not that Wrecking Crew is hard, but Risky Business is almost unloseable unless it's your first time playing it.
  8. This interpretation relies on the idea that the villain's hitpoints are constantly recalculated, which I don't think is the case. Villain hp is set at the beginning of the game and calculated then. By the same logic, under surveillance would increase a scheme max by 4 per player, which I again don't think is the case, because the multipliers have already been calculated at the beginning of the game, not recalculated constantly.
  9. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can use Hulk Smash and Crushing Blow together. Hulk Smash has to interrupt a basic attack, and only gives the bonus for that attack. Crushing Blow is not a basic attack, and if you play it after Hulk Smash, the attack bonus would have already left.
  10. I can't tell if this is a joke or not. Why not just restart?
  11. I'm happy to be getting 2 more Med Teams! I like to keep many decks built simultaneously, and Med Team is a card I've been wishing for a couple more copies of.
  12. This is very interesting to me since it seems that most people have been saying the opposite. Do you usually lose to threat or damage when you play with 2 or 3 players?
  13. This certainly seems possible to implement with no rule changes. However, I would certainly never do this, it would just take way too long in my opinion. I'm probably in the minority here, however. You would have a hard time getting me to play with 3 people, we would all need to be fast players. In fact, the game to me feels tedious at two players sometimes. Some two player games I have played of this have taken 90+ minutes, which is just way too long for what it is. If I wanted to play with five players, I would definitely play a different game. But hey, I'm sure some people would be into it.
  14. Sorry, what I meant by this is one handed solo vs two handed solo.
  15. This is an interesting take. It seems the consensus that I've seen has been that true solo is more difficult than 2 handed.
  16. How would the people who are concerned about this feel if FFG made an official ruling that a hero and ally version of the same character can be in play at the same time (but not two allies or two heroes with the same name)? They could call it the Multiverse Rule or something. Would that fix the issue in your eyes or still be problematic?
  17. In the interactions you described, it seems you followed the rules correctly. A few tips: Prioritize killing minions with high attack like Sandman so you don't have to take his hit come villain phase. Keep allies with 1 hp in play to take an attack from the villain, so situations like this might be avoided. Don't kill stage one village until you are set up with some supports/upgrades etc. Try to empty your hand as often as you can. Obviously situations like the one you describe may still happen, but they are low probability if you incorporate some of the above tips. Hope you give the game another shot, and good luck!
  18. 15) Ultron Drones starts in play so your case can never come up. 16) Yes 17) Yes
  19. According to the unofficial community FAQ on bgg, Tigra heals BEFORE consequential damage. This means she could only get an enraged attack off twice. Therefore, enraged is not good with Tigra. I think enraged is best with Hulk and Lockjaw. Hulk could leave at any time, so you don't really care if he is taking extra damage. If you do get three attacks that's pretty good. Enraged doesn't decrease the amount of attacks lockjaw can do, so it's inconsequential for him. This is my favorite enraged target.
  20. I never understood why people think BP is underpowered. If you use the setup ability for panther claws, then you have 5 cards in your deck that are 1 resource for 4 damage which is way above rate, the only thing that might contest that rate is counter punch with she-hulk but that requires exhausting. It doesn't really even matter if you never play another upgrade the whole game, you are generating value after you play your second WF. I keep reading people saying that he's like iron man but worse. To me they aren't similar. You don't have an extended building time. You are guaranteed to start with Panther Claws in your hand. He has 6 double resource cards to put out an upgrade. If you do end up playing another upgrade in the game, then you basically are making bonuses for WF. Overall I think people are focusing too much on getting all his upgrades out which he doesn't need. BP is more aspect focused that the other heroes imo. Point is, I think BP is fine and not underpowered. The name of his game is versatility, he's not as linear as someone like iron man.
  21. I remember core set berevor being broken, people would just load her up with unexpected courage and draw 6 cards before they errata'd her. Plus in the core set glorfindel was bad so berevor was one of the most common heroes. Maybe just different regional meta? Yes everyone played eowyn but I didn't want to use her as an example because she actually has fans of the character
  22. That's kind of the point of comparing them though--webbed up should be better than mockingbird because it's a hero card and costs more. They're different, but they are also similar. I don't think there's a problem comparing and contrasting, and I think this can be interesting and useful when you're making decisions. While it's true that you must play webbed up if you play spiderman, it is not true that you must play spiderman. So choosing spiderman is also choosing to play webbed up (and 13 other cards). People of course have different reasons for choosing different characters, and with an IP like Marvel, one of the biggest reasons will always be what heroes they like and are interested in. Another reason to pick a hero is if you enjoy the playstyle of a particular deck. Another big reason is to play the cards you think are good and/or effective for the scenario you are playing. In previous FFG LCGs, there are some difficult scenarios that are made easier if you choose cards to counter it, regardless of if you like that character or playstyle. For example, in LOTR corset environment, Berevor was one of the most popular hero choices, but not because people love the character. It's because she makes the game easier to win. It is for this reason that it is useful to compare mockingbird and webbed up. If you're choosing your hero for reason 3, you need a gameplay reason to pick spiderman. It helps to know that if you feel a one of mockingbird is enough for your scenario or if you need 2 copies of a similar effect in webbed up. I think there will be villains down the road that will be made easier by playing spiderman because of webbed up. But I don't think that webbed up is currently the reason to play spiderman since mockingbird is usually enough. (There are, however, many more reasons to play spiderman--the most compelling right now in my opinion are web kick, black cat, and spider sense)
  23. Mocking bird effectively prevents 2 attacks since she blocks one. Webbed up has a few advantages that may matter in the future of the game. --its not an ally, so cards that damage allies don't matter --you don't draw any boost cards which could be relevant for boost star effects (assuming mocking bird blocks) l --second attack is unaffected by overkill --webbed up can stop an attack from a villain that can't be stunned (just one though) With the current scenarios I think mockingbird will be better 9 times out of 10 because she will stop 2 attacks (blocking 1) and remove 2 threat. There aren't a ton of overkill cards, or things that damage minions, not even that many star boosts yet. However, there is potential for webbed up to outshine mockingbird in some scenarios.
  24. Just to clarify, does this mean Pepper can only be used alone, ie to make a 1 or 2 cost card? There is now way to make her help pay for a 3 or 4?
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