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  1. Most of the Marvel Champions announcement will likely be the 4 heroes that have already been leaked anyway. But maybe we will get another one thrown in!
  2. Espionage doesn't say cancel, so it doesn't cancel. You just draw 2.
  3. Releasing one product every month is their model, so this is no more rushed than any other LCG. In fact, some people were crying doom and gloom toward the beginning of the game because releases got pushed back a bit! October-July is 9 months. One product a month = 9 products. There have only been 8 released products because of COVID, so this is actually slower than was initially planned and is normal for the LCG model.
  4. Risky Business is definitely easier than Wrecking Crew. Not that Wrecking Crew is hard, but Risky Business is almost unloseable unless it's your first time playing it.
  5. This interpretation relies on the idea that the villain's hitpoints are constantly recalculated, which I don't think is the case. Villain hp is set at the beginning of the game and calculated then. By the same logic, under surveillance would increase a scheme max by 4 per player, which I again don't think is the case, because the multipliers have already been calculated at the beginning of the game, not recalculated constantly.
  6. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can use Hulk Smash and Crushing Blow together. Hulk Smash has to interrupt a basic attack, and only gives the bonus for that attack. Crushing Blow is not a basic attack, and if you play it after Hulk Smash, the attack bonus would have already left.
  7. I can't tell if this is a joke or not. Why not just restart?
  8. I'm happy to be getting 2 more Med Teams! I like to keep many decks built simultaneously, and Med Team is a card I've been wishing for a couple more copies of.
  9. This is very interesting to me since it seems that most people have been saying the opposite. Do you usually lose to threat or damage when you play with 2 or 3 players?
  10. This certainly seems possible to implement with no rule changes. However, I would certainly never do this, it would just take way too long in my opinion. I'm probably in the minority here, however. You would have a hard time getting me to play with 3 people, we would all need to be fast players. In fact, the game to me feels tedious at two players sometimes. Some two player games I have played of this have taken 90+ minutes, which is just way too long for what it is. If I wanted to play with five players, I would definitely play a different game. But hey, I'm sure some people would be into it.
  11. Sorry, what I meant by this is one handed solo vs two handed solo.
  12. This is an interesting take. It seems the consensus that I've seen has been that true solo is more difficult than 2 handed.
  13. How would the people who are concerned about this feel if FFG made an official ruling that a hero and ally version of the same character can be in play at the same time (but not two allies or two heroes with the same name)? They could call it the Multiverse Rule or something. Would that fix the issue in your eyes or still be problematic?
  14. In the interactions you described, it seems you followed the rules correctly. A few tips: Prioritize killing minions with high attack like Sandman so you don't have to take his hit come villain phase. Keep allies with 1 hp in play to take an attack from the villain, so situations like this might be avoided. Don't kill stage one village until you are set up with some supports/upgrades etc. Try to empty your hand as often as you can. Obviously situations like the one you describe may still happen, but they are low probability if you incorporate some of the above tips. Hope you give the game another shot, and good luck!
  15. 15) Ultron Drones starts in play so your case can never come up. 16) Yes 17) Yes
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