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  1. I wish if they do the infinity stones in the futere to do them as an modulare set of cards,and you can put that set in any villian you want.Also to have a mechanic that when a stone reveald from the encounder deck not only the villian but also the heros can have it as upgrade(stole it or fight it).In this way the stones can split among all the carachters and don't have the
  2. In my first game with ultron i encounder 8 drones at the same time...this hapen because i don't fight the drones only the ultron,in my next turn will won but lost with ultron 7 hp remaining(captain marvel-aggression and ultron I-II).i wonder if anyone encoundered more drones at the same time in one game. Also i want to ask what cards do you think is the best to fight the drones?the only card i think in my first game is Hulk.when attack if you discard energy resourses card you kill all the drones.
  3. So if the story box have 5 heroes and will have 6 individual and 5 in core set,the sum is 16 heroes 4 for every aspect.also with 3 villians in the story box will have 8 in total.2 heroes/1 villian ratio.also i think the heroes that is introduced in every "cycle" will lead to story box like the MCU did with the movies.
  4. If you have in play this: And you defend an enemy attack and play this: What happens?You deal damage and discard superhuman strength or not? Also when you have 2 or more cards with response in what order they trigger?
  5. Gwenpool Spider-Gwen Spiderman 2099 Scarlet spiderman Ironheart Silk Venom Carnage Red goblin Superior octopus
  6. Hi,in solo if you reveal two encounder cards (because you have side scheme with +1card icon)and the first is side scheme with encounder card with +1 card icon.how many cards reveal in total?2 or 3?
  7. Some ideas for LCG that i think is very thematic: TRANSFORMERS T.M.N.T. X-FILES MATRIX SUPER MARIO POKEMON
  8. Cap is coming after sanda...february!
  9. I agree with this,with a little difference: Hammer will be start like shield,then it has 2 abillities."Exaust to attak(1 damage) or Discard to attack(3 damage),if the hammer is in your discard pile you cane spend 2 resources to put it in your hand."
  10. I hope to see in the futere a S-level version of the old villians,like in the japanese manga and anime.level-1,level-2,level-3 and S- level.And i hope for very difficult mode that 4 heros with well build decks is very hard to win.
  11. I WANT TO BELIEVE...that X-files lcg will hapen someday!
  12. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Benzopyrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov This warnig is from ffg for the playmats.Does anyone know more info about this?
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