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  1. Hello, here are my death troopers (I used some contrast paint for them) and Leia, hope you will like them
  2. Hi guys, Here are my paintings of this week
  3. Here are my commandos, the light is not good...
  4. Vader finished and a medical droid :
  5. My last painting, Vader. Not finished yet..
  6. Hi guys, Here is my Vader following the Master's video The light of the saber is not as cool as I expected, I will enforce the glaze a bit more I think..
  7. Thanks mate ! Aren't the pics too large now ? Thank you I took inspiration from several pics I found, and of course for the rebels I took inspiration from the excellent videos made by Sorastro. Next for the imperials are Veers and a strike team, and for the rebels a full unit of commandos
  8. Hi guys, I present you my first SWL models, some stormtroopers and a unit of rebel troopers + chewy and the at-rt I chose to do a kind of Tatooine base for the imperials, and a more forest one for the rebels. AT-RT Chewie Rebel troopers Stormtroopers I had great fun painting those, next step is some scouts and commandos. Hope you will like them Cheers !
  9. Thank you Master Sorastro for all those good videos and painting guides !! Can't wait to see/read the one you will do on the rebel commandos.... :D :D Here are a few pics of my first SWL models, I'm quite happy with the rebels but maybe will do a bit more highlights on the stormtroopers (I dipped them instead of washes and not so happy with the result). Rebels and Chewie AT RT Rebels Stormtroopers 1 Stormtroopers 2 All the storm together Thanks and greetings from France !
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