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  1. Thank you much! As someone that has to rely on stats & videos since I don't get to the big events, the work is much appreciated. I've entered my first 2 cut games that I know sure. I'm not 100% sure about my top 32 but pretty certain so I entered it but Dominick is free to correct me. Going to have to wait until the GSP video is posted for my top 16 as honestly I don't remember, so hope that is OK.
  2. Ah but you see, I already had a cool Plo model via Luke Carrington since July.
  3. At the last moment, I was only motivated to break the Plo Koon line to get that sweet sweet Krayt coin. Does that count? Course I'm lying. I was going to play Plo all along.
  4. Actually I did have a plan, I just didn't run into any of them. I put more time into practicing against CIS than most things running up to the weekend yet didn't play a single one, including the Hanger Bays. In some ways I felt like I wasted my time but that's just how it goes sometimes. Obviously I should have tested out how to fly the Torkil swarm. Against a single Nantext, I felt pretty good from testing. It was more than one I wasn't thrilled about. Most people didn't know what Plo's ability (I had to explain it a lot) and it does really help against them. Paul Heaver said he would have gone after Plo first, but not sure everyone else would have identified that correctly. Granted, I still didn't want to see them or CIS swarms. I been about 66% against them but against Worlds players I would adjust that down to 50% at best. If I had to do it again, I'd probably drop in Foresight on Plo as it was my best friend in testing against a lot of things but large/medium bases and swarms particularly. I thought I'd be up against more Imperial and Jedi more than I did. Otherwise, I brought gas clouds for these matchups. I really rather fly with big rocks but given how good struts are I didn't want to give them that advantage. After that it is a lot about positioning with Ric, Plo and Obie in order to whittle down the droids' #s. I don't feel a good Sear player lets you get close early to him. I could be wrong but that's been my experience. Keep in mind I was out of it when they interviewed me. I was still processing everything that happened but I'm more than happy to answer any questions now if you have any thing specific to ask. JG
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