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  1. That is exactly what you must do, because the Errata tells you so.
  2. Gideon Hask piloting a TIE/in Interceptor (and also as possible First Order Crew) Thrawn piloting a Decimator (and maybe as Crew?)
  3. You could try to grab a cheap Gozanti and use to bottom part of it with the 4 docking tubes (or just glue them to the bottom of the C-ROC).
  4. No, since it is not written as a rule of the ability. But there must be an existing template for the resulting maneuver: e.g. a 4 hard turn or bank is not possible.
  5. You only change the template, all other things stay the same: speed, difficulty, and the rotation at the end of the template.
  6. What do you mean with "vague"? You draw the shortest line in arc from the attacking ship to the defender. That shouldn't be that hard.
  7. Note that the movement by becoming tractored, in contrast to the boost and barrel roll action, does not fail if the ship overlaps an obstacle, RR: “This move can cause the ship to move through or overlap an obstacle.“
  8. 1) The primary attack is the one printed on the huge ships card. 2) It can perform the primary or any one special attack due to equipped secondary weapons like cannons, missiles etc with the Attack header on it. E.g. Proton Torpedoes has the secondary attack: „Attack ([lock]): Spend 1 [charge]. [...]“. You cannot use the attack printed on the proton torpedo upgrade card without using its attack header and fulfilling the listed requirements. 3) Huge ship upgrade cards allow you to perform the listed attack as Bonus Attack which you can use in addition to your primary or secondary weapon. Again you cannot use the printed attack on the upgrade card without using its bonus attack header and fulfilling the listed requirements. You can also use each bonus attack header only once per turn. Overall example for a Raider: Primary Attack (primary weapon) +Ion Cannon Battery (bonus attack) +Ordnance Tubes-> Cluster Missiles (bonus attack) +Ordnance Tubes-> Proton Torpedoes (bonus attack)
  9. Yes. His ability also works with ordnance at range 1 and against ordnance at range 3 since it is not a range bonus.
  10. If you fly two make them rather cheap support ships. The Ion Cannon Battery is perfect for this.
  11. Looks like an expensive beast for close range fighting. Therefore it should be attacked at range 3+ (optimally with ordnance).
  12. The lock can be transfered but immediately breaks as per Holdos ruling (p. 32): „Q: What happens if a ship transfers its own lock to itself (such as by using Admiral Holdo [Crew])? A: A ship cannot have a lock on itself (see Lock), so that lock breaks.“
  13. The Athersprites ability allows you to perform the boost or barrel roll action and therefore cannot be used while being stressed. If it would just allow you to boost or barrel roll like you wrote, it could be used while being stressed, because it wouldn‘t be an action.
  14. And here my Raider built: Outer Rim Patrol (146) Proton Torpedoes (13) Concussion Missiles (6) Ion Cannon Battery (5) Ordnance Tubes (1) Admiral Sloane (9) Sensor Experts (10) Damage Control Team (3) Instigator (6) Ordnance Team (4) Usage: Nuke one or two unlucky ships in your front arc at range 3 per round. The Torpedoes and Missiles in combination with the Ordnance Tubes and Ordnance Team are very effective. Although the Concussion Missiles are a bit situational due to the flipping since allied imperial ships tend to have no shields and therefore get damaged fast. Maybe next time I will try the Mag Pulse or Homing Missiles. The Ion Cannon Battery is a very powerful weapon for ion control, way better than the other ion weapons. Admiral Sloane and especially Instigator are very powerful, removing almost entirely the need to spend the lock for rerolls. In combination with the Sensor Experts to have three locks on the field a very powerful combination.
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