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  1. Are there any plans to make this tool online or port some of it in already existings online tools (SWSheets, RPG Sessions) ?
  2. A modular adventures book seems like a good idea. Campaigns books that work for all lines would be nice too since we do not have much and adventures do not mix easily between the product lines.
  3. OrcPub and DungeonMasterVault for D&D 5e are based on data files provided by the user. The sites only provide the official d&d SRD data but you can import XML file for your homebrew or whatever data you want in the tool. Something similar may be done : no data are provided by SWSheets but you can import files to populate the tool. The file do not even need to be stored online. OrcPub and DMV limit the data persistence of the uploaded file to the current user session.
  4. You should post a google drive link or something like that. Your files are probably moderated.
  5. Spaceball

    RPG Sessions App

    @Joress yes, just having the static texts available in other languages (i18n). I can help translating in french
  6. Spaceball

    RPG Sessions App

    Hi. I have been following this project since you released it and it is great. Do you plan to have internationalisation in a future release. And are you looking for contributors ?
  7. Hi and happy holidays to you all ! I use the generic form fillable character sheets (Bastion Kain, Legends of the Galaxy) a lot but I would love to see one translated in French for my players (we play in french and always have some confusions with the skills and so while playing with original character sheets). Since we play with all three games the official character sheet are not working well. Would someone be able to provide a translated or translatable version of any cross game character sheet ? This would be of great use in my games and in many others too I suppose.
  8. As a GM I sometime let characters get from medium to engaged if they explicitly say they charge. I add setbacks and/or strain depending on how they narrate the action. But this is an adaptation of mine. The rule explicitly considers engaged as a 1-maneuver-far range band from short, as stated above.
  9. Hi, thanks for asking and for this very useful website. As a GM myself I would say : 1) Fully developped adventures for when I am lazy or in lack of inspiration in my own stories. 2) I suppose it overlaps with books but crafting is still very much obscure to me. 3) Sure 4) I would be the happiest GM on earth if we could have translated ( or translatable) character sheets. The fillable character sheet on Legends is the one I use but, being french, having it in the actual language we are playing the game would be awesome. Maybe just releasing the editable file for us to translate or having the names fillable in the sheet would be more than enough to me. (And maybe blank spec trees also ) Hoping these ideas will find echoes in other GM posts
  10. You could also make him roll Perception or Vigilance before initiative to know if he actually noticed the threat. If he does he uses Cool, otherwise he must roll Vigilance. Maybe not all the time (or decide on a passive Perception/Vigilance criteria) but it may let him know that being constantly aware is hard and may fail. That's what I do at my tables and it is accepted without question by players.
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