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  1. If we're only gonna talk in extremes, and the options are "Franchise I like gets no new content" or "Franchise I like gets content that makes me no longer enjoy said franchise" I'd rather have the first option. I can see why some would prefer the second, but I'm not one of them. I doubt one missed opportunity will cause the entire franchise to be abandoned, but I've seen a fair few big film names die after a terrible sequel (looking at you, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).
  2. This might be a stupid question, but are the Droid ships like the HMP gunship sentient? Can a single gunship decide to go off and become a bounty-hunter or a moisture-farmer if they want to, or are they all controlled by the big old space-donuts ala episode 1?
  3. It's definitely not the Razorcrest, the engines are the wrong way up in relation to the wings. The cockpit isn't super Auzituck-y either, though.
  4. I'd have upgraded Koshka's talent to trick shot, since you're taking the rigged cargo chute already, but I'll never argue against Outmaneuver Fenn. Its a timeless classic.
  5. The issue with the sequel trilogy, as far as I can make out, is that it isn't really a trilogy. Sure, there are 3 films, and they follow along chronologically, but that's all. There's almost no actual crossover between films besides the characters, no over-arching story, no interesting call-backs beyond playing off nostalgia etc. It would seem they're only making it a trilogy because they've set a precedent for trilogies, not because they ever had a 3-part story to tell. Of course, that's "The George Lucas Way", but I don't think that's much of an excuse for not planning out such a massive franchise.
  6. That's just a TIE Defender at that point (alright, without the white K-turn). Stick on the 8pt shield upgrade and the R7 needs to be 10+ points to not invalidate the defender entirely. Knaves already have better initiative.
  7. We stick our obstacles down with blu-tack before we play, and the corners for marking ships are similarly decorated, though I would caution that it makes seismics more annoying.
  8. Whilst Maarek is undoubtedly the first choice for Empire, I feel like Rexler is getting somewhat overlooked. The defender is such a good chassis, and the points increase for epic means we could get more than 2 in a game for once. Can defenders fly in wings? that seems like a beefy option right there, albeit very expensive.
  9. I've no problem with the rule, I imagine it decreases spam hugely, but I'd appreciate knowing what all the rules are. Forum rules in general seem to be bizarrely hard to find, though not being allowed to ask anyone isn't helping overmuch.
  10. Is there any space for <=I4 pilots in this format, or is it I5 & I6 only? Obviously shooting last is going to put you at a big disadvantage, but is it just dependent on the other players? Genuinely asking, I've not played the format but as someone whose gaming group is 7 people most nights, a big multiplayer x-wing would be grand.
  11. Fierljeppen! I can't even pronounce it, but there's a Dutch sport which is basically pole vault mixed with long-jump and climbing, and it is wonderful. Watching it in Holland was great, but I'd love to see what Olympians could make of it.
  12. So, essentially a weird idea that won't leave me alone; me and a friend were discussing epic battle scenarios we'd like to try in Epic 2.0, and LotR came up, specifically the pelennor fields battle in Return of the King. This spawned a whole discussion on how we'd do LotR with Xwing, and I thought I'd share it here. This'll be my, like, 3rd post on the forums so i apologize if its too Off-Topic for this, but since the fellowship by itself is 9 ships, Epic seemed like the right place. The ground rules we established early on was that we'd try to keep factions separate where possible, to allow multiplayer battles and the like, and that as characters in the series do occasionally get equipment upgrades, we'd try to reflect that with the the ship upgrades. Additionally, I've tried to use the force as a substitute for magic, so there aren't a huge amount of force users present currently. - for example, Strider at weathertop (naked Wedge) should be weaker than at the black gate, where he's got Anduril (ProTorps) and the elfstone (R2). The general factions so far break down like this: The Fellowship -Rebels Men - Republic (N-1s for Rohan, Torrents for Gondor, Arcs for rangers, Jedi for the dead) Other 'good' Races - Resistance (Awings for Elves, Pods/Transports for dwarves, T70s for Eagles, Starfortresses for Ents) Mordor - Empire (TIE LNs for orcs, v1s for nazgul, TIE sas for trolls, Decimators for Oliphants) Isengard -FO (TIE FO for uruk-hai, Kylo for Saruman) Moria -Separatists (vultures for goblins, Hyena for the Cave Troll) Monsters/Neutrals - Scum (Hounds Tooth for the Balrog, Firespray for Shelob, Mining Tie for Gollum) Since LotR has such a wealth of named characters, I've tried so far to give all the named characters individual pilots, though I'm not actually super-versed in tolkien Lore, so there're a lot of spaces for further people to be defined. The current fellowship stands as: Hobbits - Rebel TIEs Frodo -Ezra: the only pilot with the force, to sub in for the ring. I guess he'll get a stealth device too, for the invisibility/Mithril Armor, and perhaps sense (for Sting) Sam -Rex: suppresive fire seems like a good way to represent Sam's role in keeping frodo safe. Merry -Sabine: mostly helps him keep up with the Rohan chaps he rolls with in the last films, and sets up.. Pippin -Zeb: Despite being a poor fighter, and generally less talented than his friends, somehow avoids death repeatedly throughout the series. Aragorn -Wedge: though the case could be made for Luke, with his dunedain(sp?) heritage, Wedge just feels right. as stated before, gets multiple upgrades as the series progresses. Legolas -Corran Horn: should probably be an A-wing like the rest of the elves, but the ship ability just works so well with his elf-eyes. Gimli -Either of the i4 B-wings. Not sure which is better, but as the slowest, tankiest of these 3, B-wing seems best. Also ties into the resistance faction, with the links between the B-wing and the resistance transport Boromir -Probably Biggs, as the more defensive of the two humans in the party, though I am tempted to go with garven dreis in the Arc, to represent his ties to Gondor (clones) Gandalf the Grey -Dutch, with luke gunner and ion turret. Luke gunner gives him the force, the ion turret lets him beat people with the staff rather than stabbing them, and dutch's ability gives him a good supporting role for the party Gandalf the White) -Esege Tuketu, with luke gunner again and Advanced SLAM: still gets his support ability, but also SLAMs for shadowfax, and gets a firepower upgrade for his more combat-oriented role. In terms of the rest of the characters, things are much looser: I've got Odd Ball down for Faramir, since he shows up as both a soldier (torrent) and ranger (arc). god knows with Denethor, (but he doesn't do much so maybe not important) The Rohan characters map to named N-1's quite nicely, with Ric for Theoden, Ani for Eomer, Padme for Eowyn, and Gamling/Grimbold as handmaidens. After that, I don't know. very open to suggestions for the rest of the characters, or to swapping about some of the race breakdowns (especially in resistance) In terms of Scenarios for Epic, loads of scenes would make for good starting points: the flight from Balins tomb to the bridge of Khazad Dum, with the fellowship at one end of a long board, a loaded Bossk at the other, and a butt-load of vultures in between would be great. Likewise, the final aim I guess would be the pelennor fields, with millions of TIEs in the middle swarming the torrents, before N-1s turn up on one flank, Decimators on the back, and Wedge/Corran/Braylen on the other, supported by a bunch of generic jedi. ****, Weathertop even fits in a standard 200-pt game, with Wedge and the 4 named rebel ties vs Grand Inq and 4 generic inquisitors. Anyway, that's all the rambling stuff I've got so far, suggestions for other scenarios, characters or equipments very much appreciated! Apologies if this is a stupid idea that belongs elsewhere.
  13. Do you think there's much call for non-rectangular play areas? From my all-too-distant past playing games of Apocalypse in 40k, we seemed to find L-shaped, V-shaped or squared-off U-shaped maps much easier to use than giant rectangles, and with the fiddly-ness of executing manoeuvres and trying not to bump, really big squares/rectangles sound almost nightmarish. I suppose as long as they're still only 3xwhatever we'll still be able to reach the middle, but that does rather limit the opportunities for interesting scenarios.
  14. I usually use the "theatre of the mind", but our group rarely plays games with as strict a combat system as DnD. Recently though, I DMed a Train Heist, and did actually draw out around 30 different train cars, drawing them from a bag to make a kind of 'randomly-generated' dungeon, which was pretty fun. In terms of the individual cars, I drew out everything, top down, with no fog-of-war apart from not being able to see into the next carriage along (until right in front of the entrance).
  15. To be honest, after the trick Luke pulled in the last film, my bet is on all these ships bar the falcon being a big ol' illusion, and all the shoutouts to EU ships and stuff is just to get the hype rolling.
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